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Book Review #11: The Forever Years

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Budding Author, Vivek Kumar


Publisher: Rati

Pages: 236

One word review: Allegorical!

Did you know?

The inspiration behind the story of The Forever Years was the author's boyhood years spent in a boarding school.

There are stories and there are journeys. Stories fade away but journeys leave an ever lasting impression. The Forever Years, a fiction drama novel, is not just a nostalgic story but a journey back in time to your childhood days. Having revealed the highlighting aspect of the story I am now behooved to let know other amusing elements of this book without any spoilers.

Firstly, the plot is simple and reminiscent. Each and every reader of this book will definitely connect something from the story with their own life at some point of time; at some page. Being an artist it is not important to create works that are successful. But it is important that you create art that connects truly with people. The Forever Years is a winner in connecting to all it's readers and provoking their long forgotten beautiful memories.

My favorite lines which I got connected to:

"A bindi was stuck on the wall. Mother had again forgotten to wear it after her bath."
"I checked my hair in the mirror. He had trimmed it shorter than I wanted. My large ears were protruding"

Furthermore, the story is presented heavenly with masterly writing. The depiction of events, description of the places, delineation of emotions and feelings are simply adept. And it tends to make it more than an one-time read. The different characters in the story were witty, jocular, and engaging. The book and it's writing are inspiring for aspiring story writers like me. And it sure does leave an ever lasting impression like The Alchemist.

My favorite lines which were witty:

"The banknotes was torn in the middle. Just like the day"
"Slipping my fingers into the scissors holds, I cut the air a couple of times"
"Sir, if we could get some sabzi...would be easier to eat pooris"

As a reviewer I felt the book with 270 pages was prolonged. But as a reader I only wished the story and the world inside it could continue forever and ever.

Verdict: This is a Book you must get into, to get back your lost childhood.

Please do check out my interview with the author of this book here.

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