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Book Review #19: The Emperor Live The Dream

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

"The Emperor: Live The Dream" by Ram Joshi

One word review: Propelling!

Did you know?

Emperor Penguins are categorized as near threatened by IUCN and are at risk due to climate change.

The Emperor is a short novel and the second publication by budding author Ram Joshi. Fortuitously, this is also my second request-review for a book after The Fishbowl. So, the story of The Emperor is short and crispy with symbolism playing a major part in the narration and is meant to target audiences who have big dreams and also, those who lack motivation in following their dreams.

Favorite Lines from the Book:

The magnificent mountains stood strong together to protect the kingdom that was ruled by nature herself.

Animal Farm is a master piece when it comes to symbolism in narrating stories. And in The Emperor, I found the story of a penguin named Em, following it's dream resonating with my own life. Through the idiosyncratic perspective of a penguin which wishes to realize his dream that is distinguishing and unique from other penguins in the tribe, the readers will definitely see themselves at some point of time. Furthermore, there are few interesting facts about the lives of Emperor penguins presented along the way which you will find amusing to read if you have not known before. And I felt that there could have been more such facts about the lives of Emperor Penguins mentioned along the story line.

Once Em became conscious of those facts, he realized that it was only the difference between accepting that reality or putting an effort into creating a new one.

With just over 100 pages in length, this book is a quick inspiring read for children and anyone who has a dream in his or her life. I got reminded of "His First Flight" story when I was reading this book and I realized that the bird story played a huge impact in shaping up my childhood. Similarly, this penguin story is a must-read for all the children out there and will play a huge positive role in shaping up one's incipient years.

He started believing that he was not distinct from the universe and that he was the universe. And no matter what went wrong from there, the universe would help him find a way.

The writing is simple but impressive. I have quoted few lines from the book in my review here and here's one of my favorites: Explore. Learn. Practice. Rest. Repeat.

The only drawback I could discern was that the story could have had more details added into it as it is an allegorical interpretation to the real life mundane world that we live in and so, the obstacles could have been more stronger and delineated thoroughly. Apart from this shortcoming, The Emperor is a truly interesting read for any book lover. Em, the Emperor will be an inspiring figure that I am going to look forward to, whenever I get demotivated in following my dreams.

Verdict: If you have a dream to chase, better start reading about this penguin story for a motivation!

The Emperor is available in Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback formats. Click here to view.



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