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Book Review #20: The Rozabal Line

"The Rozabal Line" by Ashwin Sanghi

Publisher: Westland Limited

Pages: 390

One word review: Interminable!

Did you know?

There are theories which propose that Jesus was from India and after his crucification, he returned to India.

I haven't read DaVinci code but I have watched the movie. And The Rozabal line was promoted as the Indian version of DaVinci code and I decided to have a go at it. And it is one of those decisions that I now consider should have thought twice before I purchased the book. This book is all about the presentation of facts that had been researched and studied diligently by the author and woven into a jumbled story.

Favorite Lines from the Book:

The real miracle is in knowing yourself, and understanding the Brahman, the endless, the self. Brahma and Abraham are one and the same, glorious and endless - an eternal flame.

The story's exposition runs to the last page and new characters are being introduced literally every two or three pages. After some point of time you need to keep track of the characters with your own efforts because there are no character notes available. So, yeah, please make your own notes while you read the book.

A revelation about Issa, the Arabic form of Hebrew name Yeshua, also known as Jesus.

The most astonishing and the only highlighting aspect of the book is in it's presentation of facts or theories as some people would like to call, which are revealing if you have not come across before. There are many facts and theories which I wasn't aware and only through this book I came to know. But this has a drawback - the story becomes fact oriented.

The story involves extremism, secret society, intelligence services, astrology, politics, history, geography, etc. all that you imagine of. Certainly, with all this vast amount of knowledge that the author is gifted with, the story and the narration could have been way better. But every product has it's own connection. If you may not like it, there will always be someone who will like it. That's art for you. Having written all this, I leave it to the reader's discretion to go for this book.

Verdict: For those who possess extreme patience and tolerance!

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