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Book Review #24: The Blue Umbrella

Ruskin Bond's

The Blue Umbrella

Publisher: Rupa Publications.

Pages: 83

One word review: Epigrammatic!

Did you know?

Ruskin Bond, aged 86 started writing at the age of 17 and continues to write till now.

The Blue Umbrella is a beautiful novella about a little girl named Binya and her proud possession, a pretty blue umbrella. This is the first book of Ruskin Bond that I got to read. The story is short and sweet with a happy ending although I was worried midway about what would happen at the end. This book will be an amusing read for the children and definitely should be in their shelves while they grow up.

Favorite Quotes from Book:

Unlike the adults, the children didn't have to pretend. They were full of praise for the umbrella.

The book is just 84 pages in length and some are filled with illustrated drawings about the scenes that bolster our imagination and aides us to get into the mountainous livelihood of Binya. With the story concentrated on very few characters, it strikingly appeals to our hearts and leaves an everlasting stroke.

'It's a bear's claw,' said Ram Bharosa. 'That's even luckier than a leopard's claw. Would you like to have it.

It will not take more than two hours to finish reading this book if you are a voracious reader. I am sure the story will leave you gratified and give you a feel of admiration for the ingenious author. Also, as a writer myself, the style of writing and the simple story in this book was truly inspiring. You don't have to write lengthy novels to become a professional writer, you can connect to the hearts of your readers through a short and sweet novella too.

Ram Bharosa says he will never forget the smile she gave him when she left the shop.

Verdict: A heartfelt read for your short travels and a must-read for all children!

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