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Book Review #25: The Secret Adversary

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Agatha Christie #2

The Secret Adversary

A Tommy & Tuppence Mystery

Publisher: Harper Collins

Pages: 324

One word review: Bemusing!

Did you know?

Tommy & Tuppence characters are introduced in this novel and go on to appear in three more novels of Agatha Christie.

The Secret Adversary is the second novel from Agatha Christie and is a murder mystery genre similar to most of her other novels. The story is intricate and well written. It keeps you in the edge of your seat till the end. I suppose I completed the last 5 chapter within two days, not being able to hold on to the thrilling sensations.

Favorite lines from the Book:

His face, clean-shaven and exquisitely mobile, was stamped with an expression of power and force far beyond ordinary. Magnetism seemed to radiate from him.

As promoted in the cover page, 'A Tommy & Tuppence Mystery', the story has two lead characters who thrust forward the action right from the beginning. They meet quite extra-ordinary people along the way and get into troubles as well as get out it in the most amusing way. There are a lot of supporting characters who are charming and have their own part to play in a captivating plot. Also, there's no paucity for humor along the way and romance is interwoven delicately with the story which I found it delightful.

'Now who's on top and who's underneath', she crowed.

Similar to her first novel, The Mysterious Affairs at Stlyes, the readers are left with a puzzling question about the identity of the antagonist and I presume it is one of the best selling factors for mystery novels. This question will definitely keep the readers enthralled and spellbound to the book. The antagonist is glorified to be the best of his times and the most dangerous criminal. I deduced who possibly could this highly boasted villain be too early and I was proven wrong. I'm sure most reader would be too.

I say never miss an Agatha Christie novel and The Secret Adversary is not an exception. Have fun reading this novel!

Verdict: Find out who's the secret adversary?


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