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Book Review #28: The Hidden Pool

Ruskin Bond's

The Hidden Pool

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Pages: 78

One word review: Poignant!

So, my second read in chronology from Ruskin Bond, The Hidden Pool is a piquant drama, a short story. The story narrates the life moments of three boys while they are together. The narration is trademark Ruskin Bond style; emotional and rustic leaving us with heavy hearts at the end of the story.

Favorite lines from Book:

Anil, Anil Kumar! Kumar means prince, but of course I am not a prince.

Having lost my childhood, I am reviving them back through Ruskin Bond's stories. And The Hidden Pool is one such story that leaves you longing for getting back to your childhood. It is adventurous, heart whelming and melodious. The story follows the everyday adventures of three boys who become befriended in a fortuitous way and discover the joys of life.

I'm going to be a writer. I suppose I won't make much money, but if I like writing and if I have a few good friends, I should be happy.

In The Blue Umbrella the story revolved around a beatific umbrella. Likewise in The Hidden Pool, a pool forms a cardinal spot in the lives of the boys and with minimal chapters strikes our heart with emotional rod. Being a reader, you only wish you could discover your own pool among nature's cradle and enjoy it with your friends. The characterization of the boys are pragmatic and it alludes to the poignant story.

Come back as soon as you can. The mountains are waiting for us.

Ruskin Bond stories are always an amazing read that is meant to attract and edify children. And The Hidden Pool doesn't miss out on this.

Verdict: Another Childhood Adventure that you shouldn't miss out!

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