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Book Review #30: Killing Floor, Jack Reacher Series

Lee Child's

Jack Reacher #1

Killing Floor

Publication: Bantam Books

Pages: 525

One word review: Gripping!

Did you know? Killing Floor is the first installment in the Jack Reacher series and the debut novel of Lee Child.

Killing Floor is a crime thriller novel in which Jack Reacher, the highly celebrated action hero of fiction novels is introduced. I've been a fan of Jack Reacher since my childhood and as far as I can remember Lee Child's novels were the ones that had kick started my reading habit.

Favorite lines from the Book:

Isolation causes an urge to talk. An urge to talk can become an urge to confess.

So, the story is action packed, slowly exposing the character of Jack Reacher and the town he's moved into for a pit stop. Jack Reacher's characterization is inspiring and admiring. You only wish you could live a life like Jack, without any attachments, traveling from place to place like a vagabond. The story starts off with a puzzling event and then starts to unfold the mystery in a gradual pace. Narrated in a first person point of view, we are transported into the world of Jack Reacher as Jack Reacher.

Either you can walk out of here by yourself, or these other fat boys behind you are going to carry you in a bucket.

Furthermore, not only Jack Reacher is characterized meticulously, almost all other characters in the story is delineated thoroughly. From their demeanor to their lineage, the writing is intellectual and incisive. At the end of the story, each and every character's name would be etched in your mind. Also, the action sequences wherein we get to imagine Reacher's thoughts and his movements, are nerve-wracking and nail-biting.

Two tough guys had followed me out there. They weren't following me back.

Amusing to the readers there are charming and delightful moments amongst the thrilling ride. Every Jack Reacher novel depicts some fascinating facts about the United States of America that the readers will get to know to their amusement. And in Killing Floor, there is a whole deal of facts that is presented with fitting narration. There are no dull moments as the chapters hold the readers captivated and wanting to read more.

Details. Evidence gathering. Surveillance. It's the basics of everything. You've got to settle down to watch long enough and hard enough to get what you need.

With a brave and courageous protagonist and an engrossing story line, Killing Floor is bang on in it's proficient writing and takes the reader for a thrilling ride.

Verdict: Don't miss out Jack Reacher at his best!


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