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Book Review #32: MUDRAS Yoga in your Hands

Gertrud Hirschi


Yoga in your Hands

Publisher: Educa Books

Pages: 223

One word review: Illuminating!

Did you know?

The author believes that the hands play an important role in the physical as well as the mental and emotional aspects.

Mudras is an educational book on the topic hand symbolism. The contents are extensive and elaborative, elucidating around 50+ mudras. There are lucid illustrations on how one can perform the mentioned mudras? What are the physical and mental benefits of performing them? Visual and imaginative aides to assist while meditating with the respective mudras.

Favorite lines from the Book:

Black is the color of protection, of gathering strength, of retreat, and of the emptiness that already bears abundance within itself.

I must note that the book is spiritual and not religious. So, anyone can read this book. Do you feel stressed? Does your back pain often? Are you feeling depressed or lonely? Do you need inner peace? And many such question that you can think of are answered in this book. There are mudras listed for almost all the physical and mental ailments.

In the little finger, we find creativity, a sense of beauty, and inner clarity.

Furthermore, the author has delineated the subtle physiologies of hands on different aspects before moving on to mudras. And she has ensured to list down physical exercises related to mudras at the end of the book. Also, there are plenty of useful appendices giving the readers an overview about nutrition, Chinese five element theory and Chakras.

The right answer comes in the right way through another person, a book, a voice on the radio, a feeling, or in some other way, and at the right time.

Mudras is the panacea for those who are exploring your own self and are on the path of spiritual enlightenment. The book is very informative, explaining the concepts in a level that even a layman can clearly perceive. Definitely, my recommendation would be, a must read for all!

The greatest commandment of yoga is non-violence.

Verdict: A book for the real 'You' !


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