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Book Review #4: The Eyes of Darkness

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

“The Eyes of Darkness” by Dean Koontz.

One Word Review: Melodramatic!

Did You Know?

This book was trending during Covid-19 pandemic due to the fact that the story envisaged such virulent pandemics way back in 1981.

The Eyes of Darkness is a thriller-action novel which keeps you captivated almost to the end. And there are many other elements apart from action and thrill in the story, shaken and stirred up to give a cocktail delight.

With delineated exposition, well established protagonist’s want, moderated action sequences and unexpected twists, the story is really interesting from the beginning till halfway and then suddenly drops as you are exposed to more and more of improbable events.

The explication of the lead characters and their respective backstories are written in an admirable way. The interaction between the lead characters hold the story together till the end. But I must convey that the climax is a big let down and almost seems implausible. Especially the potential antagonist, whose characterization is built up carefully only to be left futile at last.

Verdict: Pick this if you are a fan of thriller stories.

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