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Book Review #40: Dust On The Mountain

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Ruskin Bond's

Dust On The Mountain

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 64

One word review: Piquant!

Yet another poignant short story of a boy in search of adventures is what Dust On The Mountain from Ruskin Bond is about. Every time I read a Ruskin Bond story, I am at despair that I missed them reading in my childhood. Alas, here I am travelling back in time to my childhood through the portals created in the stories of Ruskin Bond. And the time travelling portal is wide open in Dust On The Mountain.

Favorite Lines from Book:

The birds were silent, or simply absent.

The story is about a boy named Bisnu. We are exposed to the rustic and mountainous nativity of the protagonist through his perspective. Glimpses of deteriorating nature are narrated throughout the story which is sad to know. But the adventures and struggles of Bisnu are presented in an intriguing and amusing manner making it a pleasurable read. Bisnu's adventures does include travelling to the city from his village, a significant plot that makes the story enchanting and captivating.

How tiny we are, thought Bisnu, looking up at the towering peaks and the immensity of sky.

Moreover, the supporting characters of the story, although not many, play a vital role in building up the story emotionally. And the interactions that our protagonist makes with the supporting characters are simple yet effective in creating empathy instantly. The story is short but will surely leave the reader wanting for more at the end with an emotional setting. I wondered I could be Bisnu for a while, when I was reading half way through the book.

If you stand still for five minutes, they'll build a hotel on you.

Dust On The Mountain is a simple story of the transformation from boyhood to manhood in the life of Bisnu. A must-read for all kids growing up with books.

He felt very big and very strong as he came striding over the land he loved.

Verdict: Dust On The Mountain and Bisnu In Your Heart!

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