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Book Review #49: When The Night Falls



A Collection Of Ten Horror Short Stories

Publisher: Rupa

Pages: 142

One word review: Cranky!

Goodreads: 3.91

Did you know?

Ruskin Bond selected and compiled the ten stories in this book which are written by different authors.

Ruskin Bond's When The Night Falls is a short book containing ten horror stories from different authors. All the ten stories run along between 15 and 30 pages in length.

Impressive Lines From The Book

The factor in the human economy which you call "soul" cannot be placed.

Usually, a short story would be 15-20 pages in length. To define a character and develop it within this limited space frame, is an arduous task. Add to that, creating a memorable storyline would be almost impossible. But interestingly, in the ten different stories, most of the authors have achieved this incredible feat of striking story line with eccentric characters developed within. Some of the outstanding stories are: "The Doll's Ghost" by F. Marion Crawford, "The Three Sisters" by W.W. Jacobs and "The Voice in the Night" by W.H. Hodgson.

He must have been a pariah dog in a former existence. He was exactly like one!

Furthermore, some of the peculiar characters in different stories makes it an interesting and unique experience to read the book as a whole. The Doll Doctor character from The Doll's Ghost, Caulfield from Caulfield's Crime, Tabitha and Eunice from The Three Sisters are some examples for well developed and riveting character. Certain stories are not very long and do not have strong story base which I thought were only present to fill the pages of the book. Also, the stories are set up in different time periods which an amusement factor in the reading experience, for the readers will come to know about the customs and practices that existed during those times.

It was Nina's doll voice that had spoken, and he should have known it among the voices of a hundred other dolls.

This Book is a great choice if you are a beginner and want to kick start the reading habit this year. And with horror genre, you get to read ten different stories in one single book, which personally I feel is definitely impressive.

I carry this so that fools do not stumble against me in the dark

Verdict: Buck-worthy!

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