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Book Review #54: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas



Publisher: Vintage

Pages: 223

One word review: Engrossing!

Goodreads: 4.15

Did you know?

The Nazi families and Jewish children in the concentration camps were housed close together.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a fictional novel by John Boyne. The author being a student of Holocaust literature, came up with an imaginary story of friendship between two boys of different culture, under different circumstances. And the story is indeed enrapturing to read. When you pick up this book and start reading, even before you know it, you'll be at the last chapter.

Impressive Lines From Book

Those children look like they've never had a bath in their lives.

Bruno is a small boy growing up in the city of Berlin and he is very happy living his life, with his sister, mom, and dad in a beautiful home, which contains five floors. But then a peculiar change comes in a form that Bruno despises and he had abide by it. With this simple plot, the author hooks us with a melancholy narration, giving us the perspective of Bruno, a boy's viewpoint of how he looks at life and his surrounding characters, in an amusing way.

Bruno's eyes opened wide and his mouth made the shape of an O.

Furthermore, we explore along with Bruno and as the chapter progresses, we might even think like Bruno at some point. I did. That's how intelligent and contagious is the writing with it's compelling description of emotions, expressions, and feelings of Bruno. The core plot is concerned with Bruno meeting and befriending a new buddy at a new place and how this new friendship blooms. The important highlight of this book is that, you are not only reading a story of a boy's life, but peaking into a page of the human history, which definitely we do not want to look back at.

We don't have the luxury of thinking. Some people make all the decisions for us.

With twenty chapters, moderate in length, this fictional novel is a wonderful book to read and would definitely leave you ruminating like a boy. And if you are inquisitive, you would be looking up at some historical events too.

Verdict: Transform Into A Boy!

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