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Book Review #56: The Unproposed Guy

Updated: Sep 19, 2022



Publisher: Inkstate

Pages: 190

One word review: Disfigured!

Goodreads: 4.45

Did you know?

Bhavik Sarkhedi is the only Indian writer who has made it to Google's 'best content writers on the world' list.

The Unproposed Guy is a fiction novel written by the authors Bhavik Sarkhedi and Suhana Bhambhani. The story follows the mind-flow of Kevin, whose passion to become a stand-up comedian is tantamount to his desire for finding the love of his life. The narration shifts between the past and present frequently, giving us a peak into Kevin's life and his background.

Impressive Lines From Book

They say that the journey is more important than the destination.

The story opens up with a marriage function in which Kevin is the groom and as he thoughtfully manoeuvres into the marriage hall, many incidents incites him about the melancholic and delightful memories from his past. His snippets of life stories divulges many interesting aspects of Kevin and his nature. We come to know that he had had a traumatic childhood, that even though he'd been surrounded with multiple friends, he had always felt lonesome and despondent. Most importantly, Kevin's history fragments also reveal about his constant debacles in acquiring a beloved for his life and the discovery of his passion to become a stand-up comedian. The remainder of the story deals with whether Kevin became a stand-up comedian? Did he find his love? Whom is he getting married to?

The Unproposed Guy, with time, has realized it is the timing that matters more than the time.

There are interesting sub-plots, the excerpts from Kevin's past, which are highly amusing to read. And many chapters seem to be stand-up comedy scripts, which I term it, demanding arduous imagination from the readers to fully comprehend the nature and humour of the writing. If you haven't watched some popular TV shows or famous movies, as a reader, you're not going to get the witticism. Switching between past and present is a well-know technique and is highly effective in weaving remarkable tales be it novels or movies but when it is done short and abruptly it is disorienting to read. I felt the chapters could have been lengthier rather than concise. Brevity is not the right choice when you have an interesting character that needs in-depth development. As a writer and movie maker myself, I thought Kevin was a captivating character, whose potential was not fully yielded in the writing.

Physical transformation is like a catalyst for mental change and inner wisdom.

Furthermore, from my perspective, I could only imbibe that Kevin is a misanthrope, not completely despising the humanity but is despairing even when anyone is around him. His many attempts in approaching the girls he was attracted to, are brave but lack of success doesn't mean you're not meant to deserve a girl altogether. Certainly, Kevin invokes sympathy from the readers at times. Moreover, the ending was neither satisfactory nor convincing to me. The denouement was the only hope I had that could have changed a low-spirited story into a happy-ending but that was not the case. It was indeed a happy-ending for the engaging character Kevin, completing his character graph and fulfilling his dreams and desires. And you will have to read the book to find out the how's!

The reality is in the end what one has, what one loves or holds dear will one day no longer exist.

In general, the book is certainly a good read and if you're an enthusiast of stand-up comedies, you will certainly find it absorbing to perceive the backstory of a stand-up comedian Kevin.

Verdict: A Bold Attempt That Is Misfired!

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