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Book Review #57: Don't Run My Love

Updated: Oct 3, 2022




Publisher: Speaking Tiger

Pages: 119

One word review: Spellbinding!

Goodreads: 3.72 [Subjected to change]

Did you know?

Easterine Kire's work has been translated into German, Croatian, Uzbek, Norwegian and Nepali.

Don't Run, My Love is a fiction novel from the author Easterine Kire. Having read her work, Son Of The Thundercloud earlier, I was impressed with the story telling and wanted to check out other books from her. This book is similar to Son Of The Thundercloud in many ways and narrates a fabulous tale blended with reality and magic.

Favorite Lines From Book

Offering a meal was the traditional way to thank somebody who had given unsolicited help.

The story begins with a mother, Visenuo and her daughter, Atuonuo, meeting a handsome stranger, Kevi, who offers them his support when it was much needed. The relationship that develops between them henceforth is the rest of the story, narrated in the most enthralling and captivating manner. We are described about the culture of the village, which the women are from, and the enriched history about the family background and how the family came into being. With Kire's magical narrative structure, the pages run by without you having noticed.

Things are strange in darkness. It is as though the dark becomes a world of its own.

Coming to the intriguing part of the story. It occurs in the second half, almost towards the end of the story when there is an astonishing revelation that will surely leave you mesmerised. But I think if you're smart and know about the author's reputation, you would know it coming. A perilous fate lures over the lives of the women and they must find a way to escape. This sets them on a magical and exhausting journey to save themselves and what happens next is the remainder of the story - Whether they were able to save themselves? Did they get back to their ordinary life from this magical journey? I would strongly urge you to read the book to find answers for these questions.

'What is happiness?' Pfenuo scoffed. 'We know that word so little'.

The book is slightly over hundred pages in length and quick to read. The readers would definitely embark on a mystical journey along with the courageous women in the story. If you're a fan of fantasy or magic, then Don't Run, My Love is an enchantment for you.

The Night swallowed them up. The dark was a good friend and a bad enemy.

Verdict: A Mesmerizing Magical Tale About A Mother & Her Daughter!

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MaddiE's Note:

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