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Book Review #64: The Man who folded himself

David Gerold

The Man who folded himself

Publisher: BenBella Books

Pages: 146

One word review: Exhilarative!

Goodreads: 3.81 [Subjected to change]

Did you know?

This classic work of science fiction is widely considered to be the ultimate time-travel novel.

Favorite Lines From Book

The terrible thing about death is that you don’t know you’ve died.

So, I happen to come across this book through ChatGpt because I had to put up a list of six books in a presentation slide to vote for, for our monthly book club meet. Incidentally, the majority of the participants chose to vote for this novel. And so I started reading...

By page 4, the story and just a couple of characters talking to each other got me hooked straight away.

By page 13, I was mind blown and intrigued by the story. I was glad I purchased this novel and I kept reading.

By page 20 I was completely obsessed with it. I sensed it was destiny that I got to read this book. And thus, it became the first ever book that I read overnight.

There’s a point beyond which money is redundant.

Never have I discovered in any book, a multitude of genres - thriller, suspense, mystery, science-fiction, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, history, sexuality, etc and so on. This book has all. You definitely need to have an understanding about basic Quantum Physics to grasp the storyline and the scientific aspects.

Now I know where the inspiration came from, for the German TV series DARK and the Hollywood movie PREDESTINATION. Reading the original concept in a novel is way better and incredibly breathtaking than watching an inspired work.

All my life I had been a loner; I wasn’t very good at talking to people, and when they tried to get too close to me, I backed away in a hurry.

This book and its story is utterly short, symbolic of our life span, collectively, in earth. The philosophy it entails and the psychology it conveys are sheerly exhilarating. Our outlook towards life transforms as we age and it is only exaggerated appropriately in this story. What is our sexuality? Why do we follow religions? Do we all belong to the same eternal nothingness from which we originated and return to? You keep coming up with questions, one after another as you continue to read. By the time you complete reading this book, you are perplexed about the fact that the novel started out as an unassuming science-fiction story.

I’m not a slave to the clock—nor even to the seasons.

I’m just glad that I read this book before I died. I was overwhelmed with emotions after reading this novel, being absolutely intoxicated and awestruck. Now, I seriously have to reconsider my Top 3 favorite books of all time.

Verdict: You gonna definitely fold yourself!

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