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Book Review #7: The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Agatha Christie #1

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Publication: Harper Collins

Pages: 258

One word review: Mystified!

Did you know?

This is the first novel from the world renowned author Agatha Christie who had penned sixty six novels.

Well, it's an Agatha Christie novel and the name is alone enough for you to purchase this book and start reading. The Mysterious Affair at Styles is a murder mystery detective novel. The story is set on the bucolic setting of England and revolves around a lot of characters. Each and every character is well established and exposed.

Narrated from the perspective of the protagonist, we are transported into a beautiful world of love, war, and crime. The story takes time to develop and explicate the world of a country manor and it's inhabitants. And by time the crime occurs, you are very curious to solve the mystery by yourself.

When you try to solve the crime by yourself you are left with nothing but a lot of inklings. And that's when you get intrigued to the story and it's world further. All your doubts and suspicions are cleared through the impeccable detective character. In fact, this character is in itself a fascinating factor and major highlight to the story. The layout of the manor, the description of the garden, the elucidation of courtroom scenes, the revelation of the mystery, and many more highlights adorns this well written story.

A 'man of method' was, in Poirot's estimation, the highest praise that could be bestowed on any individual.

Agatha Christie novels are always captivating to read. And this book is no exception to it.

Verdict: Why don't you try to solve this Mysterious Affair at Styles?


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