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Book Review #8: Man and His Symbols

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

"Man and His Symbols" by Carl G. Jung

One word review: Didactic!

Did you know?

Carl Jung completed his segment of works for this book jus few days before his death.

Man and His Symbols is a pschological instructive and informative book by Dr. Carl Gustav Jung and his associates. The book consists of five chapters and the first chapter is penned by Jung. An introduction to the book has been offered by John Freeman who was a British diplomat and a friend of Jung.

The book delineates the working and functioning of the unconscious mind which is rather a sophisticated topic to comprehend for the common man. But Jung and his associates have approached the complexity with utmost care and explicated in the most fathomable manner. It is very important for a human to give attention to one's inner 'Self' similar to giving attention to one's outer self.

The circle is a symbol of the psyche (even Plato described the psyche as a sphere). The square is a symbol of earthbound matter, of the body and reality.

This book is insightful, penetrative, and perceptive. This book was an inspiration and revelation to me in understanding the different natures of my character which I was not conscious of. It paved way for my predilection towards Psychology and Dreams through which I have learned a great deal of secrets about life. I must warn that the contents of the book are esoteric and so it is your personal choice to read this book. Having said that, Man and His Symbols is one of my personal favorites.

In the religions and religious art of practically every race, animals attributes are ascribed to the supreme gods, or the gods are represented as animals.
The Egyptians represented the goddess Hathor as cow-headed, the god Amon as ram-headed, and Thoth as ibis-headed or in the shape of a baboon.
Ganesh, the Hindu god of good fortune, has a human body but the head of an elephant, Vishnu is a boar, Hanuman is an ape-god, etc.

Verdict: For those who want to discern your inner 'Self'!

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