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Book Review #1: An Actor Prepares

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Constantin Stanislavski’s “An Actor Prepares”

One Word Review: Erudite!

Ever since I had started reading I classify books under the following basic categories: Novel, Informative, Educational, Philosophical, Religious, Spiritual, Psychology, and Self-help.

Whatever happens on the stage must be for a purpose.

I designate this books under the Educational category. An Actor Prepares is simply an encyclopedia of Theatre acting. It provides the basic requirements for an actor to be expressive. From A to Z, this book delineates the process of Method Acting on how an actor should start with his or her proceedings in order to establish oneself as a true actor. It covers methodologies to train your mind and body and how to tune them synchronously.

Art is in itself a creator, it creates its own life, beautiful in its abstraction, beyond the limits of time, and space.

Method acting is considered old nowadays. But this book will be a good read for aspiring actors, giving them a head start on what is acting. There was so much information and methods described in this book that I had to take notes and practice with my friend.

Don't act "in general", for the sake of action; always act with a purpose. And truthfully.

Key Takeaways :

Act truly.

Sincerity of emotions and feelings.

Develop our imagination.

Arouse our feelings.

Work steadily and untiringly.

Break into units and objectives.

The body is an Instrument or rather an apparatus.

Verdict: Strictly for Actors and Artists.

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