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Short Story #1: Dreams Come True...

Updated: Oct 1, 2020


It was her first day. She had worked hard to get this bank job. With this new job she can be an autonomous woman. And more than anything else, it was her dream job. She always wanted to be an amiable bank officer who could help those who come in for help. Marie, the exuberant little girl had become a bank officer. Months passed by, she rented a home, which reminded of her bereaved mom. She saved some money and had purchased a bike to commute to the Bank. She did part time tutoring, to keep the money flowing in. She was striving hard sedulously, to elevate her lifestyle. And then, when she was starting to enjoy life, it happened…

Marie was on her way to the bank, in bike, on a fine Monday morning. It was just another ordinary day. But this day, she was wearing a headphone. Being an ardent fan of music, she wanted one for long time, and she had bought it over the weekend. The Goals of her life endowed her to be thrifty and allowed her to exploit her finance only on huge desires like home and bike. Having achieved them, she could now spend her money on minuscule multitudes of life. And when she was enjoying the music, while riding bike, she was hit by a SUV. The accident happened so instantly and with much force, that she was thrown away from her bike. Blood started gushing down from her head. She was rushed to hospital through an ambulance. And then, when she was about to be treated in ICU, it happened…

She woke up. She was perspiring. She was stupefied. It was a Dream. Her dream job, renting a home, owning a bike, all she had gone through was just a dream. It was difficult for her to imbibe what she just experienced. She found her mobile bedside and aroused it to see the time. 02:20 Thursday, 8 August, it glanced and went dark. She ruminated her dream carefully again, she had doubts. Why didn’t she wake when she was hit by the SUV ? Did she see someone inside the SUV? Who was it? The more she thought about the dream, the more petrified she became. She was sure that the dream was a warning of some kind. And then, when she was just trying to loosen up and get back to sleep, it happened

[To be continued]

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