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Short Story #1: Dreams Come True...

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


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Previously on Dreams come true - Marie woke up to what seemed to be a disturbing dream.

He was a jocular guy in his mid-twenties. It had been three years since he had taken the bank job, which he had procured through recommendation. He was Thomson. Thomson met Marie on the first day of her job. He was immediately besotted with her at the first sight. Being a senior officer to Marie, he guided her in all ways he could, to get her acclimated to the new job. Over a few weeks, the infatuation then turned into a predilection which blossomed into love. Marie was also affectionate to Thomson. She invited him to her reclusive life. One by one Thomson helped Marie achieve her goals in life, assisted her to find a pleasant looking home and helped her choose the right bike. Over the next few months, the lovable friendship had grown stronger and there were no secrets between them.

Thomson had a craze for cars. He wanted to own one, and when Marie came into his life, he decided this was the right time to get one. So, without the knowledge of Marie, he had booked a Ford EcoSport. It was just a week away from delivery. With the car delivery due on Monday, Thomson and Marie had went out shopping over the weekend. Mutual feelings to each other were exchanged rather than any shopping, but they did manage to buy something which Marie had wanted for so long. They bought a Headphone.

It was Monday. Surprisingly, the car which Thomson had booked, had been delivered earlier. And he was on his way, in his new car, racing and excited to meet Marie, surprise her and propose her. He was on a highway, which he knew Marie takes it on her way to office daily. So, he was expecting to get a sight of her sometime soon. And then it happened.

Suddenly, he got a ring in his mobile. It would have been just a fraction of a second, he moved his gaze from the road to glance the call and tried to pick it up. This action of his, made him oblivious to the bike, which was turning from the street-way to the adjoining highway. The speed at which the car travelled was just enough to throw away the person who was riding the bike, when the two vehicles collided. Crowd gathered quickly. Thomson had a minor bruise in his head due to the impact of his head bashing with the steering. He recovered quickly and came out to check the person whom he had hit. He was petrified when he saw the bike. It was Marie’s. And he looked at Marie who had fell, a few meters away, lying unconscious, the headphone convoluted around her neck. The SUV and the bike were still. Some good soul had called an ambulance. Marie was rushed to hospital with Thomson beside her. She was admitted to hospital and taken immediately into the intensive care unit. Few hours passed, and the doctors came out. The brief discussion which the doctors had with Thomson left him mortified...

[To be continued]

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