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Interview #2: Greg Rajaram, author of The Greatest Game

Dear Readers,

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Greg Rajaram, the author of the book, The Greatest Game. I was really impressed with the content in the book that was presented as a novella and wanted to get to know more about the author and his creation. If you have not yet read the book, please check out my review here and start reading the book soon.

So, let's check out the interview now.

Q1. First of all, hats off in realizing your visualizations into reality. I sensed and felt that the interesting story line in The Greatest Game definitely has the potential to expand into a long novel over 300+ or 400+ pages. Why stop with just a short version? Did you think about expanding the story or writing a longer version when you visualized the idea? Response: I wrote 'The Greatest Game' with the intention of defining and communicating the philosophy of 'Love' to the reader. I wanted to explicitly keep the focus of the book on this underlying philosophy for which a 200 page novel was enough.

Q2: You seemed to have vast knowledge on wide variety of fields like arts, science, mythology etc. Could you explain how did you acquire the knowledge or what was your source or inspiration behind getting to know about different topics? Response: To define a philosophy that has the potential to unite the world, we have to consider and pose questions to art, science, technology and religion that have all played an integral role in the story of humankind. This was my main inspiration.

Q3: I tried googling for Krish’s version of Virtuvian Man drawing. Do you have the drawing of Krish’s version? Did you really draw one or come across in real life? As a reader I was inquisitive to imagine the drawing described and left wanting in seeing one for real. Response: I wanted to leave the visualisation of Krish's version of the Vitruvian man to the imagination of the reader. I did however make some rough sketches while penning the chapter. Q4: From the story, I deduce that you have interest in painting and cricket. So, could you describe us some of your amusing moments or experiences in those fields? Response: I have been very passionate about Cricket since I was a kid and continue to play the game on the odd weekend. Talent for art runs in the family although I don't practice painting too often. Q5: Now that The Greatest Game is published, what are your future plans with respect to writing? Response: My current focus remains on ensuring the success of 'The Greatest Game' and I'm yet to plan the next project.

Thank you Greg, for answering all the questions with patience and diligence. I wish you Success and Prosperity in all your future endeavors. God Bless You!

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