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Journal #10: Buddies' Day Out @ Makalidurga!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Travel Log #5

Cushion Comfort at Makalidurga's Peak!

Location: Doddaballapur

Altitude: 1117m (~300-350m elevation from Railway Station)

Surmounted on: 21st March Sunday 2021

Up & Above The Sun

A Long Drive...

So, unable to get any bookings for Skandagiri hill trek left us with no choice but to trek Makalidurga Hill. And it seems most of the trekking spots in the vicinity of Bangalore are now charged with a price of Rs. 250/- per person as an entry fee and the booking can be done at My Eco Trip.

With couple of my close buddies and packed breakfast boxes, we took a long drive and reached the Muthurayaswamy Temple point at 6:45 a.m. which is the one of the starting points for the trek at Makalidurga hill; the other being Makalidurga Railway station. We were surprised to see a well-planned parking space constructed and increasingly surprised to find out that the parking was free; the last time we went which was last year, there was no trace of this parking space. I presumed that the entry fee of 250 was put to use well.

An Onerous Starting Trail...

Makalidurga is supposedly a "Moderate" level difficulty trek and I could realize it's categorization only during the first few meters of the ascend. The trail was filled with big and bulky rocks which were sturdy and rough giving both support and torment to the hikers. Not even ten minutes into the trek I had to ask my friends to make a pit stop so that I could catch my breath. Apparently, I had to persuade my buddies for more than a couple of pit stops on the way up. It was good to notice that there were color coded direction arrows painted on the trekking path to guide the hikers. Notwithstanding, we trailed off the track without noticing these arrows.

Lake View and Meal at Peak!

We could get glimpses of beatific views even when we were ascending and a lake nearby made for an astonishing and awe inspiring scenery all the way up and at the peak. We reached the peak within an hour of time and the peak had a derelict fort on which we walked around the borders to catch the amazing view in all 360 degree directions.

We picked the best spot for our breakfast overlooking the town and villages nearby and had a picturesque meal; yummy sabudana kichadi and tamarind rice. The meal was sumptuous to an extreme level that we took a soothing nap in the cushion shaped rock surfaces which was carved out naturally. After the satisfying slumber we descended down which was considerably easy when compared to the ascend although the important rule of thumb for descending: be cautious and careful, needed to be observed.

The short trek which seemed difficult during the starting trail, at the end of trek left me with the feeling that it was easiest of all the trek that I had been. There was no monkey troubles! No companionship of dogs! And not much people around as well.

Makalidurga is a peaceful trekking experience that could be mildly challenging for beginners and quite easy for the 'pro' mode guys. Trekking Makalidurga with my two best buddies made for a memorable day that will be etched in my mind forever!

My Makalidurga Gallery

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