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Journal #16: Launching Mission - YouTube

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

A Goal Visualized !


Hello Users and Readers of MaddiE's Just Read,

Hope you are doing great! Alright then, there is an exciting news that I wish to convey to you. If you had read my 2020 Year End post, you would have thought I was ambitious about my 2021 goals. Well, I agree but then one of them is coming true in the month of August. Yes, I am going to visualize my goal of YouTube Star!

It's been almost a year since MaddiE's Just Read website was born and I thought this is the right time to launch my YouTube Channel. My ravenous appetite for writing has been hugely satisfied through my website and I wanted to extend my expressiveness in other dimensions as well. Hence, the channel would be mostly a reflection of my website but will also include intriguing aspects of my life presented in an entertaining manner. You will get to know more about the channel through a Short Introductory Launch Video and so I'll refrain myself from divulging any other information here. With the blessing of the benevolent Almighty, and your sustained inestimable support, I believe I will continue to express myself and entertain you in different mediums.

Right then, you must be wondering what would be my channel name? Well, there is no huge build up or surprises. Here it is, ta daaaa...

The Launch Date of MWM is 15th of August, Sunday 2021.

Block Your Calendar & Stay Tuned.

And Continue To Support MaddiE!

Check Out The Promo Of My Channel!

MaddiE's Note:

  • If you like my content please do like, comment, and share my post.

  • If you find any mistakes or need for improvements please comment or reach out to me.

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