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Journal #18: Ever Heard Of Chunchii ?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Travel Log #12

Raging Riders' Bike Trip to Chunchii Falls

Location: Madarahalli, 84kms from Bangalore

Bikes: Pulsar (Mine), Himalayan, Gixer

Journey Date: 14th August Saturday, 2021

A Bike Trip After A Long Time

Alrighty then! Back in March'21, I had been to Nandi Hills on a Bike Ride and only recently I got the chance to make a Bike Trip again. This time my buddy had planned for a mysterious Chunchii falls that I never knew about and most importantly, could not find it in maps when searched with 'Chunchi'. Apparently, Chunchii falls is a segment of Arkavathi River at Madarahalli.

The topical night curfew at Bangalore ends at 6 a.m. and hence, we had to force ourselves for a late departure by 6:30 a.m. It was a long ride and we did make stops to have breakfast and shake our legs. It was joyful to have 'Thatte Idly', which I am a great fan of, after a long time. Eventually, we reached the Chunchii falls entry spot by 10 O'clock and found ourself facing an anti climax situation.

Fun always finds my way

Almost 100 kilometres bike ride from Bangalore to Chunchii brought us nothing but,

"The Place is Officially Closed due to Covid-19 restrictions",

from a supposedly self-acclaimed authority who was in the spot. We saw several other bikes and a couple of cars already parked, and could hear people's chatter far away. When inquired about it, the suspicious authority told us those were "lucky" people who were fortunate enough to come early before 9 a.m. and entered before the official timings. In fact, the officials were planning to seize their vehicles once they came back. Shocked, Confused, and Disappointed, we didn't know what to do. The self-acclaimed authority also gave us a suggestion by offering a contact of a native guide who would take us to a nearby stream, which is secluded, unofficial and unguarded, where we could enjoy ourselves. This piqued my interest but since we numbered only three, one of my buddies was skeptical. Nevertheless, the great MaddiE, which is me, instantly struck by a magnificent idea, started approaching other amiable strangers, who eventually became friends at the end of the trip, and talked to them about the suggestion and pulled in four more people for the reclusive river stream visit. And so, the enjoyable experience of Chunchii falls started, not at the official tourist spot but in a different location unknown to the generic public.

Water + Less People = Fun Unlimited!

To be precise, we were now not 7, with four new buddies subsumed to our initial three buddies, but actually 8. How is that possible? Well, one of the buddy group had brought their adorable and winsome dog, named Becky, a Cocker Spaniel, with them. And it only added a whole new dimension of fun to the experience.

We were shown the secluded spot where the river flew both furiously and serenely. And without wasting any time, we jumped into the water and had fun which could not be measured. With just 8 in number and the whole place to ourselves, we spent the time as though inexhaustible and spread around as though we owned the river.

Return journey is not always the pleasant one...

After a gratifying and indulging water play at the river, we departed with a plethora of memorable moments. On the way back, we had lunch at Thappalu, Food Court Yard, a sublime restaurant, one of those rare motels where you find both the food and the place quite piquant. Propitiously, we found Becky and the buddies on the same restaurant too and we had the meal together. If you are around Chunchii falls, don't miss out on this restaurant, a wonderful place.

Well, we signed up for Chunchii falls, the official tourist spot. But we ended up having an amazing experience at an unfrequented location that offered an undeniably astonishing lifetime moment. This bike trip to Chunchii falls was simply spectacular and special thanks to our new "stranger" buddies who made it more awesome.

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