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Journal #19: Have You Slept In A Tent? Well, I Did in Kanva Lakeside Camping

Travel Log #13

Weekend Tranquility at Lake Kanva

Journey Date: 28th August Saturday, 2021

The Water Body Lures Me...

Hola Buddies! Alright, after an idle weekend at home I was getting impatient and restless. And I looked up BookMyShow for modest one day outing activities which brought me to Lakeside Camping at Kanva, by Escape to Explore group. It was an impressive package, gloating the itinerary that it offered. So, I ended up booking it and calling up couple of buddies for the trip as well, one of them whom I befriend at Kudremukh trek and the other one was a buddy whom he befriended on his Bandaje Arbi trek. Triquetra is basically a leisure resort onlooking the Kanva reservoir in the village of Kannamangala, which is around 70 kilometres approximately from Bangalore. Apparently, we had to reach the location by means of own transportation and so, I and my buddies decided to do solo bike rides and meet up at the spot.

An Irksome Onward Journey!

The direction was pretty straightforward until the Ramnagara Bus Station deviation. But after then, it was clueless and agitating to figure out the location of Triquetra. This was because there were excavation works carried out in order to construct highway and obviously Google maps didn't knew about it. What this meant for me was, coming across the same junction more than once, getting lost myriads of times, exploring uncharted areas off-road - where there was not even a bird, and my bike running almost dry impending an empty tank - which was my mistake but I avoided any foreseeable dangerous situation by refilling it immediately. Overcoming all these obstacles like a protagonist in the second act of a movie, I did finally reach the location exactly on time. Good that I had started early in the morning!

Perplexed at Triquetra

Imagining I would be the first one to reach, I was planning to pull some prank with my Kudremukh Buddy, like texting him to convey I will not able to make this trip. But to my amusing surprise, I found him waiting at the office when I pulled over the bike. We took a short walk peeking around the facilities provided by the resort and the magnificent Kanva Lake before our other buddy turned up; Zip Line, Burma Bridge, Multi Vine, Fooze Ball - which was yet to officially open but we managed to play one game unofficially, Rain Dance Floor, Archery - figured out later that we had no arrows to shoot, a grand 64 feet Well ground water, and the unassuming Kayaking. It was indeed imposing at first sight. But absurd as it was, we found that there were only handful of staff to manage all of these activities and the weekend crowd was growing steadily, which at the end of the day later, surged up to a count of 70.

Weekend Tranquility Starts!

A few moments later our buddy arrived and we sat down in the dining hall, had a chit chat, and played a game of foosball. The animals follow me everywhere and here, I discovered an amiable and docile cat. Without any hesitation I caught hold of it and started cuddling. More people were coming in for the weekend tranquility and the place was beginning to get overcrowded. Lunch was served after a while and it was a delectable meal.

Soon after the lunch we head back to the lake for kayaking and I must say, initially it was not so interesting to look at before we got onto the canoe. But once we did and started rowing, it was altogether an inexplicable experience. The lake was huge, magnificent, and colossal. And we rowed, rowed and rowed. With joy and of course, sedulous effort. The canoe had a two seater capacity - the front person can highly influence the direction but only can provide lesser horse power to accelerate and vice versa for the person at the back. I tried both, sitting at the front on the first day and at the back on the second day. With Kayaking completed, dusk was soon approaching and so, I ran off to the Well to merge my body with the water body. Blatantly, the significant amount of fun the Well offered was, jumping into it with a life jacket and the very first attempt of it was a thrilling sensation that I had never before experienced. I did end up jumping into the Well three times and enjoyed to the core.

Nothing Much After

After we refreshed in the evening it became dark and camp fires were lit at the lake front. It was a pleasurable experience to enjoy the camp fire onlooking a lake of such grandeur. The dinner was running late with the dining hall packed houseful and just when we were growing restive, the palatable course of delicious meal arrived. After dinner, it was time to experience the feeling the title offers - camping, to bunk inside tents, the first ever experience for me. The tents were mounted inside the resort and not on the lakeside, which was disappointing to my buddy but I was alright with it. The tents were well ventilated and I remember myself dozing off to a cozy slumber, after talking with my buddy about treks, Himalayas, Goa, Spirituality etc. A moment to cherish!

There was nothing much to do in the next day except for accompanying my buddy for his early morning bird photography. We did another round of Kayaking before the first meal of the day. Unlike the previous day, the food arrived on time and I had a heavy breakfast after which I was both compelled to burn some calories before the planned early lunch, that we were supposed to hang out on the return journey, and left in a quandary whether to give in to the temptation of taking a lonesome dip in the unoccupied Well ground water - eventually I gave in. Soon after, we checked out from the resort and began the return journey.

The return journey was kind of an amusement in itself. Firstly, the back tyre of my bike, initially suspected to have less air turned out to be punctured and I discovered that my bike's tyres were tubeless only when it was getting fixed at highway servo; well, it was my first puncture ever since I purchased the bike in 2016. And then the funniest part. My buddies had looked up a restaurant for lunch and hadn't noticed that it was inside Wonderla. So, we ended up going to Wonderla to discover the same and made our way back to highway and stopped at an unprepossessing restaurant for a satisfying meal. After lunch we bid adieu to each other and sped back to our homes with a rejuvenating weekend behind.

Lake Kanva, You Were Indeed Energizing !

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