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Journal #20: Two Day Life With Ocean, Gokarna!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Travel Log #14

A Mystic Bond With the Beaches of Gokarna

Location: Gokarna

Journey Date: 11th September Saturday 2021

It’s a new month and so, time for yet another BMC trek! And since Kumara Parvatha hadn’t opened I chose Gokarna Beach trek. With a group of 25 people, out of whom 9 were a coterie, we packed our bags and started at 9pm on a Friday night. Due to unforeseen circumstances the onward journey was delayed and we could manage to reach the stay at Gokarna Beach only by 9am next day. Indeed, it was a tedious and wearisome ride. The raucous waves of the sea welcomed us with happy hearts even though we were late.

Once I set my eyes on the beach, after I got down from the bus, all the exhaustion from the journey flew off in seconds. Quickly refreshed and energized, we had our breakfast and departed for the beach trek starting point which was from Belekan Beach that was 16 kms away from Gokarna Main Beach. Gokarna has many beaches and BMC’s Gokarna beach trek trail starts from Belekan Beach, covering Paradise beach, Half Moon Beach, Om Beach, and Kudle Beach in sequential order, finally ending at Gokarna Main beach where our stay was located.

Upon my friends recommendation I had just brought sandals for the trek expecting it to be a sandy beach walk. To my amusing surprise, the trail mostly included ascent and descent over hills that was tantamount to a mountain trek. Thank God! There were no leeches to my merriment. Also my sandals had good grip due to which I was able to deftly surmount the small hills between the beaches.

It goes without saying, every beach were both breathtaking and dirty at certain shores. Oceans absorb and dissolve you completely just with their sheer sight and sound. Once again, I was reminded that I was just a tiny fragment in this microcosm called Earth that is in turn part of a prodigious universe.

When water is in sight MaddiE gets restive unless he gets into it. Only at Gokarna Main beach we were allowed to submerge and play, which I did with utmost pleasure after a sedulous trek, that can be categorised as Easy difficulty trek. It was interesting how I got to this last segment of the trek: we had to conduct multiple running races with my jocular trek buddies in order to motivate ourselves to cross the never ending trail. We did complete the trek eventually and with no delay, got into the waters. After playing football, with a volleyball, at beachside for a scant time, we came back to stay and refreshed. A palatable dinner was served and it was time for camp fire afterwards.

A handful of crowd had gathered around the campfire and we played three different games for around an hour. Once the folks dispersed, I had a mindful walk along the beach with my newfound buddies. Walks at beach shore, in nights, with new friends, You can't describe those feelings. Just Enigmatic! The tents were set up close to each other and without no further ado, we quietly settled down for slumber.

The next day we visited Mirjan Fort on our way back to Bengaluru. We had to endure a tiresome long return journey but my new friends made the journey interesting and fun; we played games that made us laugh out loud and roll on floors. Eventually, the everlasting and memorable journey came to an end and we reached Bengaluru after midnight.

Gokarna Beach trek was Surprising, Sundry, and Exuberantly Exciting! All beach lovers should definitely trek Gokarna Beach without having any second thoughts.

Oh Gokarna!

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MaddiE's Gokarna Gallery

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