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Journal #31: Kid Goku Comes Back to Me.

Kid Goku Comes Back to Me

We all experience joy when a friend drops by to meet us or we step out to meet our friends. Haven't we all wondered at some point in our childhood that can't we stay with our best friends forever? Imagine this wish coming true but you end up forgetting this friend who was with you always. Sounds pathetic right? Allow me to elucidate.

Having had not many friends, leaving you to imagine that the toon characters you watch are your close friends, you find bliss with them. But every show has to end and a movie sooner. The only exceptions are The Simpsons and I am glad they're still running. So, you watch a show, a cartoon show, an anime or the animated pictures, etc. anything and get fascinated by a character. You start imagining them as your friend, an imaginary character in a real world. You're so happy with your lovable friend for forever, which would be hardly a year or two, but eventually you grow up and tend to forget them. Then all of sudden, one day you 'remember' them and realize they've been always there. Well, that's how I feel now as I start reading Dragon Ball Manga.

I started watching Dragon Ball anime thanks to a recommendation from a high school friend whom I met after many years. I never knew about mangas back then. In fact, he recommended me to watch Dragon Ball Z anime but when I did a research I found that there is a prequel to this series which was Dragon Ball and decided to watch it. Well, the very first episode was bang on! I fell in love with the storytelling and the character called "Goku", the kid Goku. I just loved him. His naivety, ignorant courage, and titan strength with a wiggling tail behind was a strange and impressive blend that could easily conquer anyone's heart in few seconds. If you don't believe me, try reading the pages in the above picture. Predictably, I binged on, episodes after episodes until one day I realized that Goku had magically transported into the world of my reality from the anime show. Kid Goku was my friend!

Time flew. Goku was still in my life, in the form of desktop, iPhone or even Apple Watch wallpapers. I could have watched Dragon Ball all over again if I needed to. I sure missed him. But I had grown oblivious to him. Until one day, after almost a decade, I discover and fall in love with mangas. Not many realize that almost all the anime are based on mangas. Thus, I discover the Dragon Ball manga and immediately set myself on a mission to save a few bucks and procure the manga in which my dear friend Goku has been waiting to meet me all the time. Kid Goku comes back to me.

Now that Kid Goku has come back to me, I wish to cage him and keep him forever, this time not just for few years but literally forever. I want to read the complete manga and then watch the anime all over again. And repeat this lovely process again and again. Kid Goku is not just my friend. He could be your friend too. You only need to read the manga or watch the anime. He's waiting for you to conquer your heart. So, why not open it up?

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MaddiE's Note:

  • I wrote this blog without any AI inputs.

  • If you find any mistakes or need for improvements please comment or reach out to me.

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