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Journal #32: Rage within...

Rage within...

Wednesday the May of 8th, 2024, the beginning hours.

Another night of sleeplessness. Clock's past the midnight and I realize it's another day already when I still feel I'm in the same night of the previous day.

Surfing through videos endlessly, I end up watching weird and unnerving contents.

  • Reports of a five year old girl and her mother, who takes care of a residential park, suddenly attacked, mauled and heavily injured by Rottweiler breed dogs, that are long banned in this country. Oral reports on the incidents recalls the girl's scalp was hanging out on her head after the attack. Cam and voice recordings are horrible and disturbing.

  • A cop who's married and got kids, having affairs with multiple women, abusing his power unscrupulously, and the women sexually.

  • A masked voice over female artist's interview, summarizing her highly dangerous and sexually abused relationship with a psycho that she just got out of, and managed to put him behind the bars.

  • And a few more of the above sorts.

The first one lingers in my mind deep into the night. Probably, its gonna get etched in a nerve cell. The clock's past two now. Everywhere it's either the sex scandal or abuse of power, money, etc. The lower and middle class suffer the most while the rich and elite, the 1% and the 3% below them, gets away.

It's funny. Like everyone else, I feel the rage within when I read or hear about such incidents and realize I can't do anything about it. I have my own shares of trauma and suffering. The least I could do is start a support group and assist people to navigate through their simulations in this nefarious blue pearl. Or to support someone who has already created this support group. I ruminate. The options are tempting.

Coincidentally, I happen to read The Watchmen comics and Noragami manga at the same time. They are powerful. And I am rich right now, financially, and rife with time, without any family, friends, or beloved to tend to, in the sense not literally.

This leads to only one thing. The one which my past version, the kid, always dreamed about. Wearing a mask and a cape, to serve the just and annihilate the vice. Oh, I am not taking about being Batman here. I'm taking about the symbols he conveyed. The mask, the cape, and his gaudy but integral gadgets, and the flamboyant Batmobile. What they stood for and serve for, him? How they will stand for and serve for, me? The mask and the cape must conceal my identity while the Batmobile and the gadgets must take care of my accessibility to those who are in need. Ideas sprout my mind and logically, midnight is not the time I must act upon my thoughts because all my crazy ideas were crazy since they originated at night.

Before any decision, I need to evaluate my emotions, analyze them and figure out which one is the stronger. The boiling blood or the sensational thrill? I will leave it to my future version who will wake up tomorrow and the day after, to decide what is to be done.

Should I become Batman?

MaddiE's Note:

  • If you find any mistakes or need for improvements please comment or reach out to me.

  • Images were generated using deepai.

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