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Journal #4: Post 100 Not Out, Plans for 2021

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

MaddiE's Just Read 100th Post

Hello Users and Readers of MaddiE's Just Read,

It's been four months since I launched this website and my writing has reached the threshold point wherein I am finding it comfortable to consistently deliver contents to my website. I started off with journals, capturing and converting my candid thoughts into writing, then went on to write short stories, give reviews for books, recommend movies which I watch and even got an opportunity to interview an aspiring book author who had requested for a review with me. This website has become a talisman for me and I have honed my writing skills through it. So, I decided to dedicate my 100th post to share my plans for 2021.

Writing Plans

When it comes to writing, I would like to keep up the good work which I have done for the last four months and continue publishing quality contents to my website. By 2021, I am eyeing to reach 250 posts and I would possibly include a new category, "Guest Blogs" wherein I am planning to request zealous readers to write reviews for their favorite books in my website. Let me know if you are interested. And as far as short stories are concerned, so far I have completed three short stories and two novellas are in progress. So, I would like to complete the two novellas and go on to write five more short stories and probably two more novellas by end of December 2021.

Becoming An Author?

Yes, next year I am planning to publish a novella, my pilot short story which I had initially planned for a short film, The Bike Babaji. The story is still in progress with 22 chapters written so far and I deduce it may need 7-10 chapters more for it's conclusion. Once it is completed, I will have a review with beta readers and try to publish it as an e-book in 2021.

Reading Plans

In 2020 my goal was to read 20 books and I went on to read 32 books. So, in 2021, I have fixed my goal as, to read 35 books. Hopefully, I can achieve the 2021 goal.

An YouTube Star?

Well, it was something I should have done already. Anyways, I'm always a Star in my life. Lol. So, yeah, one of the major ventures that I am planning to undertake in 2021 is to start a comprehensive YouTube channel mainly to publish contents which are comical and amusing to watch. In addition to that, I am planning to give detailed book reviews, movie dissections, and yoga lessons through my channel. Please do let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts on this. I'm seriously looking for creative inputs.

P.S. The channel is already set-up.

So, these are my plans for 2021 and I am exuberantly looking forward to the new year. Hope you have also made your goals for 2021 and are enthusiastic to get going.


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