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Journal #6: My First Travel Log

Travel Log #1

Kollur - Sigandur - Udupi

An Extemporaneous Trip!

Going out to explore is an activity I enjoy as well as look forward to with fervent admiration. But most of the times, I stay glued to my comfy sofa at my home. Well, last weekend it wasn't the case as I had made a trip that I hardly planned.

The whole idea of this trip came about through a bantered conversation wherein my friend exposed about the much renowned and popular temple of Karnataka, Shri Kollur Mookambika Temple. He revealed that, you can only visit this temple only if the Goddess wills so, and not when you will. This piqued my interests and curiosity. So, I had decided to visit this temple as soon as possible and it was just a matter of time.

Geography of Kollur...

Shri Mookambika temple is one of the most famous and powerful temples in Karnataka. Kollur is located in the west region of Karnataka, towards Mangalore. Popular tourist place here are - Kodachari Hills/Trekking, Arasina Gundi Falls, Murdeshwar Beach, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Sigandur Ferry ride. And not to miss out, Udupi and Mangalore are just few hours away.

My trip was on the weekend 6th Saturday to 7th Sunday February 2021. I visited Shri Mookambika Temple on my first day and sped off to Sigandur in a hurry so that I wouldn't be missing out visiting Shree Kshethra Sigandur Choudeshwari Temple, another famous temple in the vicinity. I had traveled alone and was contingent on public transport to transit between places. This temple was recommended to me by a colleague who had visited it before and insisted me to travel to this place too. Fortuitously, I was able to worship and offer prayers at Shree Kshethra Sigandur Choudeshwari Temple right on time just before they closed. An intriguing fact about this temple is, those who worship here, will never get their homes robbed. I was indeed glad to know about this. Furthermore, since my trip was a devotional one, I decided to cover all the tourist spots near Kollur on my next trip.

A unexpected ride to Udupi

Now with one whole day to spend and my Kollur goals already achieved, I was thinking whether to go any tourist spots or travel somewhere. My transportation being dependent on the public buses and taxis being expensive, tourist spot visit needed to be called off. And the only plausible choice for me to take was to travel to Udupi so that I can come back in time in the evening to Kollur for my return bus to Bengaluru.

Thus, I started early as 7:00 am to Udupi from Kollur. When I reached, I visited Udupi Shri Krishna Temple, the most eminent and famed temple for Lord Vishnu in Krishna Avatar. An astonishing fact about this temple is, unlike any other temple, the main idol, Lord Krishna stands upright but facing backwards and not front. So, devotees have to look through a mirror to worship Lord Krishna in this temple. It is believed that long before a fervent devotee of Krishna was not allowed inside the temple to worship the Lord due to caste discrimination and so, he used to go behind the temple to worship the Lord daily. Touched by his devotion, Lord Krishna turned himself backward to face the ardent devotee. Well, it's an incredible story but not apocryphal!

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