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Journal #25: Uttari Betta, A Pan Fried Trek In February!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Travel Log #19

Energy Sapping Day Out Trek @ Uttari Betta

Location: Uttari Betta, Tumukur district

Altitude: 1130m

Surmounted on: 5th February Saturday 2022

Alrighty Then! After an irksome period of sitting duck at home and 2022 January running off with COVID scares, I was left impatient. Hence, without any second thoughts, I committed myself for an one day trek to UTTARI BETTA with BMC trekking group. And only then I realized, this trek is going to be my FIRST EVER TREK IN 2022... 🤔 On a serious note, I would have preferred a weekend mountain trek! 😳

Anyways, we started early morning around 630 and began our long journey towards Uttari Betta. We stopped in a "Bla Bla Sagar" Style Hotel for our breakfast. Hilarious thing to note here was, the front entrance to the hotel was blocked due to construction works and we had to walk through the hotel kitchen. And there it was, A Red Carpet! Before we entered the kitchen, the hotel welcomed us in a Red Carpet. Would you believe it? That's why I got it on camera! First they make us enter through the backyard and then there's a Red Carpet waiting for us. Fascinating start to the trekking trip indeed! 🤪

We reached the base of the trekking point around 10 and immediately started our ascend. Our co-ordinator made life difficult for us by asking us to not take the stone steps and rather climb on the side pathway, which was just bare rock. We accepted the challenge and began the upward journey which runs upto 2.5 kms. The unassuming ascend which initially did not look laborious, as time progressed became burdensome. And this was only because of the scorching and summery weather. The sweltering Sun ☀️ did not show mercy upon us. Over a period of time, everyone of us started making stops to catch our breaths and proceed further. 🥵

And then all of a sudden something astonishing happened! But it is with great joy and amazement I note there that I had an "Once in a Lifetime Experience" at Uttari Betta by pushing myself to explore a narrow and claustrophobic hidden cave. It was adventurous and amazing! I will never forget the experience for it involved moving myself like a slithering snake in-between rocks which were strait and would seem to never allow any humans to pass through. We had to vertically ascend this cramped cave and come out on top of the rocks for a wonderful view of the villages around. 😇

We reached the peak of the trekking hill around 1245 and observed that it was apparently not "Picnic Friendly". It was rocks all over. So, we came down to an archaic temple to sit down and have our packed lunches. Amusing thing to note here, we had to deal with Monkey Business. A delicious meal after a tiring trek gave us back the enthusiasm to complete the descend journey and we did that quite easily without any hassles on the way.

Uttari Betta,
Just For Your Hidden Cave,
I Might Come Couple of Times More,
But Definitely Not During Day!

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MaddiE's Uttari Betta Gallery

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