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Journal #26: Rock N Rollin@ Madikeri

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Travel Log #20


Location: Madikeri, Kodagu district

Alrighty Then! After undertaking a short one day trek in January, it was time to get outta home for MaddiE. This time I wanted a rejuvenating trip and not a cumbersome trek. So, decided to pick a trip from Muddie Trails and finalized Coorg Backpack Trip. Unlike many weekend trips that starts on Friday night, this Coorg trip began on Saturday morning and we were around 27 members. To much our distaste, the journey was delayed and we could leave Bangalore only after 7 a.m.

On our way to Coorg, we stopped at Bidadi famous "Thatte Idli", highway hotel and had a delectable breakfast. We reached the town of Madikeri by noon and the first spot to check out was the Chiklihole Reservoir. A huge and vast reservoir lake, made on the tributaries of River Cauvery, was definitely a soothing sight but not on under the scorching Sun. 🥵 So, we checked out the place rapidly and got back to the mini bus.

Then we headed to Dubare Elephant Camp which was nearby. In order to enter the elephant camp you will have to cross the river and since the place was overcrowded in the evening, I along with few others decided to skip the camp visit and stayed on a secluded spot on the river, spending time to capture the moments with innovative minds and better mobile cameras. The last thing in the Day-one itinerary was to head to Raja's Seat Sunset View Point and we did that. Again, the place was overcrowded and we barely made it when the sun was just setting to sleep. It was indeed a beautiful sight 😍

Toward the end of the day, we headed to the home stay and I must say the real fun was just waiting for us here. Refreshed, Relaxed, and Radiant again, we sat before the campfire and started with trying to narrate a horror story but the story transformed into amusing and hilarious narration, mentioning the grandfathers and grandmothers of us, playing the roles of Melody Chocolate Factory Founder, office peon, etc We then played the Game: Truth or Dare, which became a deadly humorous ride for all of us and if I remember it right, we were constantly laughing throughout an hour or two. Oh, the campfire nights in all trips are always precious memories!🤩

Early Morning Birds! 🐥 We had to become one of them on day two for we had to visit the Madalpatti Sunrise Point even before the Sun could get there. Obviously, we lost to the Sun but reached the place just before he totally woke up. A Sunrise, Mother Nature at her best, cast her sublime views everywhere. And we couldn't help taking pictures, and I went to an extreme level where I made live "Insta Reels" with my buddies at the sunrise point with the beautiful mountainous landscape as the backdrop. Noteworthy to say that this was my first live reel 😅

After heading back to homestay, we got ready and had a palatable breakfast. We visited Abbey Waterfalls and again it was overcrowded. This is when I realized, Coorg or any hill station trip, definitely not on a weekend! 🧐 Except for the magnificent falls view, there was nothing else to check out at the spot and we came back from the place soon. And then started our return journey, back to Bangalore.

Coorg, The Scotland Of India,
I'm in heavenly love with you,
Even though you burned me like hell!

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