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Movie Suggestion #11: High Noon (1952)

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

High Noon (1952)

One word review: Riveting!

Disclaimer: No spoilers ahead.

IMDB: 7.9

Did you know?

The complete movie depicts an event unravelling over a couple of hours in a small town.

High Noon is a western thriller genre and probably one of the greatest western movie ever made in Hollywood. The story is simple and is set up beautifully within the first few minutes of the movie. From then on it is just a time bomb ticking and waiting to go off.

The movie has action sequences, gun fights, horse rides, etc. all that you look forward to in any western cowboy movies. Adding the time-bomb element and building the whole story around it was simply a revolutionary idea. Once the story is set up, you become nervous and worried. At the same time you are curious to know what is gonna happen in the next minute. You are waiting for the dramatic climax with much anticipation. And the climax bangs hard without any disappointments.

The characterization of the protagonist is well depicted. And the actor who played the protagonist has done a sensational job. No wonder he won an Oscar for this movie. The character is more about the expressions than the dialogues. You see worry, nervousness, panic, anxiety, all the expressions in his face. Over a point of time you sympathize with the character and want to go help him yourself.

Favorite Movie Quote:

No, that's what I've been thinkin'. They're making me run. I've never run from anybody before.

With a dramatic build-up and the events leading over to a classy climax shoot-out, High Noon is one hell of a film that you must not miss out.

Verdict: A Classic Cow-Boy Thriller!

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