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Movie Suggestion #26: Coming to America (1988)

Eddie Murphy

Coming to America (1988)

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One word review: Aesthetic!


Did you know?

Eddie Murphy has played more than one role in Coming to America. Find out how many?

Coming to America is probably one of the best comedy films. It is a romance drama with brilliant performances from Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, the two lead actors who carries forward the movie in the most amusing way. The film was so popular that it was remade in India and Hong Kong.

The story of Coming to America is quite different and peculiar. The first act: exposition of the protagonist lifestyle and his want, is pictured beautifully in an entertaining way. With the hero we travel across continents to pursue his dream. To be frank, I did not recognize that Eddie Murphy had played multiple roles until I came back to Wikipedia to check out the box office performance of the movie. This was because he was so natural and eccentric in the roles which he had played and it was very difficult for me to realize them. So, that's one for you - try to recognize the different Eddie Murphies.

Favorite Quote:

When you think of garbage think of Akeem.

It is pleasing to see that each and every character in the movie had been detailed out thoroughly in their body language and demeanor. And this makes the movie a whole package; you love the complete movie as it is rather than bits and pieces. I got remembered of Crocodile Dundee(1986) movie during some scenes and due to this I was expecting a dramatic climax at the end. But it turned out be predictable and of course a happy ending. So, you feel good in having watched it.

No journey is too great when one finds what he seeks.

With an exuberant hero and a vivacious heroine, Coming to America is a great comedy movie to watch along with your friends. Eddie Murphy at his best.

Verdict: Have Some Royal Fun!


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