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Movie Suggestion #48: Mirage (2018)

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Mirage (2018)

Spanish: Durante la tormenta

Available on: Netflix

Runtime: 2 hours 8 minutes

One word review: Hypnotizing!

IMDB: 7.4

Mirage is a Spanish language Netflix film of science-fiction thriller genre. With runtime over two hours, the film is captivating and enchanting holding the viewers spellbound until the last minute. Unlike many films, this movie revolves around a naive female protagonist.

Favorite Movie Quotes:

It's the same, same as years ago.

The movie stands strong because of its plot and the performances of the cast. In fact, the whole movie is carried on the shoulders of the lead actress, Adriana Ugarte who has given an exceptional performance. We are introduced to the world of the protagonist and her perceptions. Eventually, we are made to feel whether what we have seen hitherto is indeed the real truth. The science fiction elements of the movie are not convincing but the inquisitive narration and thrilling screenplay overshadow this shortcoming.

Because some things are destined to be how they are.

Furthermore, there are predictable aspects in the movie which makes the viewers go 'I knew it' and feel gratified. This seemed to be a minor drawback of the film but is compensated by a perplexing climax leaving the viewers baffled. With stupendous performance from the cast, and engrossing screenplay Mirage is a fascinating thriller movie that is a must to watch.

The strange things, this entire situation started with the storm.

Being a Spanish film, I recommend you to watch the film in its original language with English subtitles to get the most enjoyable experience out of the film.

Yes. You just don't remember yet.

Checkout the Decrypting Movies Episode on Mirage in my my y

Checkout the Decrypting Movies Episode on Mirage in my MWM Channel

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