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Movie Suggestion #51: The Call (2020)

THE CALL (2020)

(Korean Movie)

Available on: Netflix

Runtime: 1 hour 52 minutes

One word review: Baffling!

IMDB: 7.1

Did you know?

A Shaman is a person who is believed to be having the capability to interact with spirits.

The Call is a Korean language thriller movie. Not to be confused with The Call (2013) Hollywood movie. The story is fresh although the beginning of the plot reminded me of Mirage. The screenplay is distinctive and leaves the audience baffled with completely unpredictable scenes. Even though this is not a horror movie, it gives you enough scares for a night.

Favorite Quotes from Movie:

This house is still the best one in the village.

Alright, the duration of the film runs for almost two hours and you hardly realize it thanks to the intriguing screenplay. The amazing aspect about the movie is that it doesn't allow the viewers to question the logic or give space for predicting the next scene as it progresses at a quick pace with thrilling sensations. We have a naive protagonist and a callous antagonist. The peculiar story is rapidly exposed in the first few minutes and the perplexing cat-mouse drama between the lead characters is set up soon.

Maybe I can bring your dad back to life.

The story is peculiar in the sense that it allows to manipulate the scenes in the most astonishing fashion and the viewers will definitely be amazed. The antagonist is petrifying and sends out chills down the spine. The scenes where the antagonist appears during the second half are incredibly terrorizing. Moving on to the climax, what appeared to be an interesting end point was ruined when the after credit scenes appeared and left me perplexed. I suppose the ending of the movie explained the rating 7.1 which at first seemed to be underrated.

I feel like I've been reborn. It feels like my birthday today.

Furthermore, other major highlights of the movie are the performances from the lead actresses and the background score of the movie. Thanks to the brilliant performance from both the lead actresses, the movie is engrossing in each and every scene. And the background is bang on. Be it in giving the viewers a scary feel or lifting up the scene during swag sequences. With a multitude of intriguing aspects, The Call, Korean movie is definitely a must-watch.

Verdict: Don't Attend Calls When You're Alone!

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