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Movie Suggestion #56: Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings (2021)


Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings (2021)

New Theatrical Release!

Runtime: 2 hour 12 minutes

One word review: Entrancing!


Big Heads Up, I am an exuberant fan of Marvel. Alright, so you know in advance what I am gonna write but it is honest. Shang-Chi is the latest instalment in the Marvel's Super Hero film series and MCU. We are strolled to China in this adventure, unravelling the fairy tale of the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Favorite Movie Dialogues:

Everything you need is already inside of you

Marvel movies are renowned for it's enchanting story telling and this repute stays true in Shang-Chi. The story is captivating right from frame number one. We are given a brief exposition to the Legend of the Ten Rings before the act one begins. As always, our super human protagonist originates from the Unites States in this movie too. The beatific romance sequence at the beginning of the movie with it's mellifluous background music was simply breathtaking and stands out quite attractive. I would watch the film again just for this romantic sequence.

Your mother knew who she was. Do you?

Moreover, the highlight of the movie is in it's intricately woven sub plots that keep you at bay at all times. The story eventually heads back to China setting up for a dramatic and stupendous climax. And here is where, Marvel has yet again excelled your expectations. Furthermore, there are a few emotional dull moments in the movie but they do not serve as a speed-breaker for the witty screenplay.

I'm not leaving you again

The Protagonist, Simu-Liu is nonchalant, stoic and charming. Along with other actors, he has given an excellent performance to elevate the movie by all means. Loads of action, comical dialogues delivered by comical characters, enthralling story, and convincing emotional moments, the Movie Shang-Chi has scored in all the features that a Marvel productions would offer.

Shang-Chi would definitely entertain you in all aspects and exceed the exceptions you had set. Catch it in theatres nearby.

That hurt. Do you want me to show you how it feels?

Verdict: A Sumptuous Feast For Marvel Fans!

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