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Movie Suggestion #59: The Host (2006)

Bong Joon-Ho

The Host (2006)

Korean Movie

Available on: Netflix

Runtime: 1 hour 59 minutes

One word review: Intensive!

IMDB: 7.1

Did you know? The director of the movie, Bong Joon-Ho wanted to break the stereotype tradition of master movies by revealing the full view of the monster very early in the movie.

The Host is a monster thriller movie, centred around a comical and eccentric South Korean family. The director has enriched this basic thriller with political satire nuances which makes it quite amusing to watch. He has even gone to an extreme in mocking his own nation which is admirable and brave.

Our protagonist in this movie is a family and unlike other monster movies, The Host concentrates on the family's emotion predominantly and not on the monster. Each and every character in the family are idiosyncratic and developed in a humorous way making the runtime of the movie, a pleasurable watch. Apparently, there are a plethora of monster scenes too, exposing the viewers to the nature of the monster, which is much needed for a monster film.

Furthermore, the action sequences are placed only at the right moments, when the story actually demands it, and not just to satiate commercial thirst to make a blockbuster movie. The movie not only narrates a story but makes bold political statements. The essence of the movie lies in it's narration style, setting up a monster tale at the beginning and following it up with an adventurous ride. The performances of the actors were marvellous, making the movie compelling.

There are so many reasons to watch The Host but the one reason I would give you is, to decode the political satire encrypted in this film.

Verdict: It's More Than A Monster Movie!

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