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Movie Suggestion #63: The Lighthouse (2019)

Updated: May 30

The Lighthouse (2019)

Available on: Netflix

Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes

One word review: Maverick!

IMDB: 7.5

Did you know?

The Lighthouse was pictured in black and white with a square aspect ratio of 1.19:1

The Lighthouse is a sensual and soulful suspenseful movie that exudes frighteningly disturbing experience. With it's unconventional black and white visualization and enhanced sound effects and mixing, this movie is one of it's kind that will definitely go down in the history books of New Classics.

Movie Quotes

It's The Calm Before The Storm, Winslow.

The story is set right from the very first frame and as you can see from the poster, the movie revolves around two characters and not more. The exposition of the characters' backgrounds is through interactive conversations. The outstanding aspect of the movie is it's third dimension: living the movie with different sensations - sound and visuals. You can hear the waves of shores, squeaks of seagulls, and noise of the lighthouse as though you live in the lighthouse island. And you don't just hear them, you feel them through unnerving visuals. The success of the movie lies in the fact that it leaves the audience with a spine-chilling experience.

You Think You're So High And Mighty Just Because You're A Damned Lighthouse Keeper?

Furthermore, with only two characters, and highly enhanced visuals and sound mixing, the movie needed impressive performances. And I must say there are no words to describe the performances of Williem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. Stellar performances from both of them, with their body languages, dialects, expressions, etc. You need to watch the movie once again to decode the different emotions they have radiated in this movie. With their performances, the movie is transformed into a cult classic. Also, Kudos to the Director, for making this movie with an archaic aspect ratio and in black/white, giving the audience an unusual and eccentric experience.

Bad Luck To Kill A Sea Bird.

Moreover, the movie being set in a lighthouse, the dialogues and the accents used by the characters are difficult to comprehend for layman and must need subtitles to enjoy the movie in a wholesome manner. With less than two hours in length, The Lighthouse is an artistic classic movie. So, my recommendation is to watch this movie alone and that's only because it is not an entertaining movie to watch it with buddies.

Why Did You Spill Your Beans?

Hear, See, Feel, and Live in the lighthouse by watching this movie.

Verdict: It's not just a Movie, it's an unnerving Experience!

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