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Movie Suggestion #9: Flight(2012)

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Flight (2012)

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime.

One word review: Dazzling!

Disclaimer: No spoilers ahead.

IMDB: 7.3

Did you know?

The breathtaking airplane sequence portrayed in the Flight movie is based on a real life incident.

Flight is an airplane thriller film albeit only the opening sequence features the aeroplane sequence which I loved; simply one of the best aeroplane scenes in Hollywood. A thin line holds the movie in balance between a fully commercialized portrayal and a serious drama. Funny at times, the movie maintains a steady grip on what it wants to convey in a serious tone.

The protagonist is the cynosure of the entire movie and the actor has done a prodigious job in bringing the protagonist character to life. The disorder that the character goes through in his life, negatively impacting it, were enacted truly throughout the movie. Adding to it, he has brought out the haughtiness, conceit and hubris of the character in an incredible way that at times you fail to be empathetic towards his character when he suffers.

Favorite Movie Quote:

I drink because I choose to

After the opening sequence, the story was almost predictable to me and it was only a matter of how things were going to roll out. However, the film kept it's pace and moved interestingly towards the climax which was simply unforeseeable and unnerving. Overall, I felt really good in having watched this film, especially the opening sequence will have you thrilled for sure.

Verdict: Do board this Flight!


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