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Journal #5: Time and Task Management!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

How can you manage your time and tasks?

Alright! Let's get straight to the point. Some of us are early birds and the others are owls. So, decide who you are before you decide to manage yourself. Furthermore, when it comes to making your day-to-day life productive or more effective, we need to manage two things - time and task. I am going to give an overview on how we could manager time and tasks in our life.

Identify your SAP

Time is an essential and critical tool that we have on our side provided we make use of it in the right way. So, it is of utmost importance you need to plan how are you going to spend it. First and foremost, you need to figure out the period or timeline of your 24 hours wherein you are Super Active. During this super active state, you will be in your prime mindset both mentally and physically and willing to listen to your thoughts. This is the period where your execution level will be in peak. Hence, you can make use of this Super Active Period (SAP) to perform activities or tasks which you consider highly valuable.

Burn the Crux First

Task is basically an activity to be carried out. It may be a minute one like deciding what to wear the next day which involves minimal mobility or it could be a crux like buying groceries for the next day that involves consider amount of flexing your muscles. Hence, it would be helpful if you can categorize your tasks - minute and crux. And then try to burn your cruxes during your SAP. This way you get to perform all the important activities in your prime period where fruition is guaranteed.

I have listed down two basic guidelines for managing time and tasks which will be definitely helpful if you are beginner in Personal Productivity. Hope it works for you. I will plan to write another post delineating time and task management in detail.

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