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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: James had snatched the bike and sped off to the play ground with Vinod while Inspector Harish was instructed by Douglas to arrest Father Antony and Samuels.

14th Thursday November, 8:20 a.m.

"What the hell are you saying?", asked James, "What do you mean that it's not Mike's bike?"

They were now inside the playground. The bike was parked next to a banyan tree under the shade. James had planned to remove the plates, mirrors, and alter the appearance of the bike so that it is not immediately recognizable. But after hearing what Vinod said he was shocked and confused. Initially, he wanted to carry out this bike heist alone and follow his infamous schedule of stealing the bike on the first Sunday of the month after severe surveillance of the area, home, and the owner. But all of a sudden the incorrigible Vinod came into the picture and things became irrevocable from that point onwards. He had to incorporate him into his heist and make sudden changes to the plan. The most crucial of them, to steal the bike as quickly as possible. Thus, he decided to act immediately and make an attempt on this particular day unbeknownst to Vinod. This being his last bike heist, the amount that he will earn by selling a Royal Enfield Classic would be enough to endow Samuels' medication and treatment and will recuperate him once and for all. But things were not rolling out to his tunes.

"Yes Jimji. That's what I've been trying to say all the while. Mike is not whom we think" said Vinod.

"You are confusing me now. Tell me clearly what you know"

"That day, when you left me for surveying Mike's house and returned in the evening, you asked me to take a break. And so, I went to sell off the clothes that I had snitched."

"Yes, I know. What happened that day?"

"Jimji, please don't scold me. I will tell you everything"

"Just tell me already" yelled James.

"When I came down to the road, I met Inspector Douglas near the bakery."

"Inspector Douglas? Who is he?"

"He had me arrested many times before for stealing clothes and other petty crimes. He used to let me go. So, I knew him from then. He was looking different that day when I saw him from a distance. He recognized me immediately and asked me to come near. And only when I got close and glanced him thoroughly I realized that... that... he was ..."

"He was? Who was he?"


Inspector Harish had plunged into St. Peters Church with a police squad and had Father Antony arrested. The Godfather of James, Samuels who was under intense medication, was just recovering from his injuries. Harish made arrangements to transfer him to a nearby hospital and have him in police custody. After he locked up Father Antony in the police station, he received a text message from Inspector Douglas.

"Staff Colony Playground, 5th Sector. Arrive soon with five men and loaded guns"

"Interesting, at last we have cornered the bike thief to a playground!" murmured Harish to himself.

He quickly instructed five of his men to come along with him for the final confrontation.

[To be continued]

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