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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: Vinod was about to reveal something horrifying to James. Inspector Harish was leaving for Playground with five of his squad men.

14th Thursday November, 8:36 a.m.

"Yes, he is not Mike, he is Inspector Douglas. And the bike is not his. It is a trap Jimji. We are in deep trouble. This is what I was trying to say from the beginning" said Vinod anxiously.

"Are you serious? You are kidding right. How can this be?"

"No Babaji. He is Inspector Douglas. He was working in disguise to find out someone called Samuels. He even showed the picture to me and asked any details about him"

"Samuels?", asked James in shock.

"Yes, I told him I didn't know anything about him. Then he talked about the recent bike thieveries in the city and threatened me to reveal any information about it. He even frightened me by saying that he will arrest me if I don't reveal anything I may know."

"Did you divulge any of our plans? Did you tell him about me? What did you tell him? Tell me you idiotic..."

"No Babaji. How could I be treacherous to you? I may be stupid but I am not unfaithful. I told him I do not know anything about Samuels or any information related to the bike thefts. He let me go on one condition that I should not reveal his disguise to anyone and if I did, he will put my life and anyone who is associated with me in jeopardy. He also told me he will have a watch on me and asked me to report any kind of information on the bike theft suspect that I'd come to know"

"And so, you didn't inform this incident to me right away and you want me to believe that right now?"

"No Babaji. Please trust me, I didn't want to do any harm to you. That is the reason I was conveying to you that we will not steal this bike."

"You idiot, now we are all in danger. Samuels is my uncle and he was shot by an Inspector earlier this year. I have been stealing bikes only to save his life from the injury. This was supposed to be my last heist and you have ruined it all. Why did I pull you into this? Jesus Christ", James wailed in agony. He kicked the bike.

"I am really sorry Babaji. This is all my fault. I should have told you directly before. Please forgive me ..."

"Shut Up! We need to think now. If this was a trap then they would have set it up without a mistake. An infallible one. Quick, check the bike, for any chip or electronic device", said James and started searching the bike frenetically looking for something. Vinod joined him in the search.

"What are we searching for Jimji?"

"This was a new bike cleverly set up to hunt me down. Definitely they would have implanted a GPS device somewhere in the bike so that once it is stolen it can be tracked through the GPS device."

"Oh, dear lord! This is really bad," exclaimed Vinod and continued to search. He found something under the Horn Switch on the left handle bar. "Babaji there is something here!"

There was a tiny device just below the Horn Switch, connected through a narrow wire to the battery. James inspected it and immediately recognized that it was the GPS device. "This is it, the GPS device. Good work. Let me remove it and we will get out of here at once."

He pulled off the wire and dismantled the GPS device. Just when he and Vinod were about to hop on to the bike and ride away, four police sedans cornered around them and all the playground exits were sealed. Doug, Inspector Douglas came out of a sedan with Baker Babu along with him. Inspector Harish was now walking towards the banyan tree where James and Vinod were standing with the bike.

"So, the notorious bike thief who was sending out alarm bells to bike owners around the city is you? What was your name again? Ah, James is it?" said Harish with a sardonic smile.

Vinod was petrified and stood in horror not knowing what to do. James was disgruntled and exasperated like a wild animal caught in a trap.

"Well your family games comes to an end Mr. James!"

James was perplexed. "Father Antony and Samuels are already in our custody" said Harish.

"What? What did you do to them?" fumed James with anger.

"Well that's enough Harish. Do you know that James has another name that is unknown to us?" said Inspector Douglas. James glared an indignant look at Douglas and the Baker.

Douglas continued. "Why are you looking at Babu? Well, actually he was not part of the set up. He became a useful aide along the way. Indeed, he was one who informed me about your extemporaneous 'attempt' to steal the bike all of a sudden today. If you had stuck to your original plans, who knows? you would have had a chance the least. I guess we just got lucky. And Vinod you are a naughty fellow ah? Ha ha! You were working as an associate with this criminal all the while and never gave any information when I asked you. Now that calls for a special treatment right Harish?"

"Yeah, but considering that Vinod also helped us to smoke this rat out, we may need to think about it. So, what is this other name of his Doug?" asked Harish.


[End of Story]

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