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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji

Updated: Dec 13, 2020


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: James and Vinod had been scrutinizing Mike's house and his usage of bike for a week now.

14th Thursday November, 7:46 a.m.

"Why are we not in billboard Jimji? Why are we here?" asked Vinod to James. They were standing near the tea stall next to an electric post.

"Shh... Stay silent. Now go get us two tea at the bakery. I will tell you", whispered James.

Vinod went to the tea stall and began to speak, "Mr. Babu two..."

"Two tea parcel? Am I right?" intercepted Baker Babu.

Vinod chuckled. "Oh no no. This time no parcel. You can give it to me in cups."

"Oh I see. I suppose the person who is standing there is your friend to whom you were getting tea parcel everyday ah?"

"ah... yes" said Vinod and turned back to James. James was angrily staring at him. Vinod quickly got the tea cups and took it to James.

"What were you chit chatting with the bakery guy? ah?... I have warned you on numerous occasions not to speak unnecessarily to anyone outside. And you are doing it again and again."

"Sorry Jimji. I didn't speak anything much with him." Both of them sipped their tea.

"Okay listen. It is 7:50 now. In few minutes our guy will come out with the bike to the street. The street is silent, he will go back to lock the front door leaving his bike in the street and unlocked. So, there will be exactly 27 seconds..."

"But we know this already Jimji. Did we come here to get a closer look?"

"How many times to tell you not to interrupt me while I'm talking you fool"

"Sorry Jimji. Please forgive me."

"As I was saying there is a 27 seconds time gap before he gets to his bike again, after locking his house. And today we are going to snatch his bike."

"What?" asked Vinod in shock and gasped for breath. "But Jimji, you said we will steal the bike on 1st Sunday of December. Why so soon? Why now?"

"Who is the boss here? is it I or you? Shut up and listen" bellowed James. "Today is the day and we are snatching it now"

"Okay Jimji" said Vinod worriedly not knowing what to do.

"As I said there is no one in the street. Now, exactly at 7:59 you start walking towards his house. Once you start walking, I will go to the baker and talk to him, distract him, and keep his vision out of what's happening in the street. By the time you are midway our guy will come out with the bike and place it in the street. Once he leaves it there and goes back inside to lock his house, you start running towards the bike, grab it, and then quickly push it along as fast as you can and take the first left street. All within 15 seconds. Once you are in the other street, start the bike immediately and ride it to 17th Main Road where you will find a wide playground to your right. Get into the ground and quickly remove the number plates, seat covers, and mirrors from the bike. You are doing all these to make sure the bike is not immediately recognizable in case you end up meeting him again. I'll come to meet you in the ground sooner. So, everything clear? Alright?"

"Jimji plan is okay. But one problem"

"What is the problem?"

"It's... uh... I... I don't know to ride a bike Jimji. So, I don't know how to start the bike too" said Vinod hesitantly.

"What the ... You can't be serious... Why the hell didn't you tell me before? Is this why you told me not to steal this bike the other day?"

"No Jimji. Not for that. Well... don't be angry Jimji, we will go with your plan... Somehow I will push the bike and come to the other street. If you can manage to wait for me there, I will hand over the bike to you and you can start it. We can then ride away in doubles quickly."

"What about this baker then? Who will distract him?"

"Look at him Jimji. He's already engrossed in television. I don't think we will need to distract him"

"It's risky. But anyways we don't have a choice now. Alright, I'll leave now and wait for you in the other street. Don't do anything stupid. Just grab the bike quickly, push it over and come to me. I'll be waiting. Today we get hold of the bike and leave this area once and for all"

"Okay Jimji. I will be quick like a thunder, seize the bike and meet you."

Time ticked 7:59 a.m. Vinod started walking towards Mike's house. Mike was bringing his bike to the street oblivious to the cunning plan spun by James and Vinod.

[To be continued]

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