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Novella #1: The Bike Babaji

Updated: Dec 27, 2020


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Previously on The Bike Babaji: Vinod was not able to snatch the bike in time but he managed to grab the bike key and return back to James.

14th Thursday November, 7:30 a.m.

Inspector Harish had been closely surveying St. Peter Church for four days now. With the help of the newspaper boy who used to deliver newspaper to the Church, he had come to know a great deal of things happening inside the Church. He learned that one of the meetings rooms next to the library had been converted into a medical care unit few months back. And he had noticed few doctors visiting the Church often.

All this information that he had gathered made him speculate that Father Antony had been treating the wanted criminal Samuels illegally at the Church. Now, he just needed the proof. So, he gave the newspaper boy a pen camera and asked him to get a photograph of who is being treated inside the meeting room. The boy had somehow managed to hastily click some pictures of Samuels inside the meeting room and shared with the Inspector. Upon seeing the pictures, Inspector Harish got what he needed. It was time to act now. He called Inspector Douglas.

"Hello Harish. Have you confirmed that it is Samuels?", asked Inspector Douglas after attending Harish's call.

"Yes, it is confirmed. Father Antony has been treating Samuels illegally at the Church. We have conclusive evidence now. If we arrest Father Antony and investigate further we will get the big fishes. What you say?"

"Well, it's the logical approach. But can we hold on for a day or two."

"Hold on? Do you have something Douglas?"

"Yeah. I talked with Vinod the other day.

"Vinod? the petty thief whom you were talking about?"

"Yeah. I kind of ran into him near the bakery and I told him to inform any details about this bike thief if he comes across or knew about. And guess what, he looked nervous all the while during the conversation and when I showed him the blurred photo of our bike thievery suspect his face turned white. I think I can get some lead if I have an eye on him"

"Okay. That sounds reasonable. I'll keep monitoring the Church to get more details in the meantime"

"Good. I'll keep you posted" said Douglas and ended the call.


It was 7:45 a.m. Baker Babu saw Vinod and another guy walking towards the bakery. Vinod had been coming to the bakery daily to get tea parcels and wondered who might be the other person. Ever since Inspector Douglas had asked him to keep an eye on Vinod, Babu was inquisitive. He recognized the other guy who was with Vinod. Last weekend he had seen him in this area for the first time and he was at the bakery when Mike had just moved into the area.

As time passed by, Babu pretended to be engrossed with television but furtively listened to the conversation between Vinod and the other guy. After hearing their cunning plan in silence, he was shocked to learn that the city's horrifying bike thief was just standing next to his bakery. He decided to alert Inspector Douglas.

[To be continued]

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