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Novella #2: 2100


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Previously on 2100: Rod had purchased the Elysian Tab and was setting up the device.

Year: 2100

27th Saturday March, 9:47 p.m.

"Thank you for answering the questions Rod. I am now ready to interpret and reproduce your dreams. A daily DSR - Dream Summary Report will be presented you for enhanced examination. I see this is the first time you are using me. So, the Configurations and Lucid dream features are locked now and will be unlocked once you have experienced seven dreams using me. This precaution is employed in order to allow me and you to learn the nature of your inner self before you may program influences. Having said that, you may experience lucid dreams naturally which, if it occurs, will be recorded and reported in your daily DSR. You may now go to sleep with the SynTape on your head", Anima apprised in cordial tone.

Rod was awestruck looking at the device. The device popped up a monitor screen in a dark window and was capturing Rod's brain waves through the SynTape. It had multiple graphs that were running live. And there were some parameters on the corner of the screen; Conscious Thought count, Unconscious Thought count, Sensory Perceptions, etc. The header had User Status: Awake.

Rod surfed the device for a while. He clicked the Configuration feature. Anima's pronouncement ensued, "This is the first time you are using me. So, the Configurations and Lucid dream features are locked now and will be unlocked once you have experienced seven dreams using me."

He continued surfing and after a while lied down to sleep.

"Good Night Rod. Sweet Dreams!" echoed Anima.

Rod was startled by the sudden voice and then checked whether the SynTape was properly placed. Sensing Rod's sleep state, Teddy turned on dark mode in the bedroom, with the walls and ceiling displaying preconfigured oceanic live night pictures from the Pacific Ocean; walls were transformed into atolls and waves, stars studded the ceiling forming a Scorpius constellation just above where Rod was looking at. A mellifluous music, mild in tone played to the soothing senses of Rod's ears. Looking at the stars in the ceiling, Rod was beginning to fall asleep and he was slowly losing his consciousness.

It was a complete pandemonium. People were running across the roads; scared, horrified and stupefied. The H-bots had taken over the World. The megalomaniac Kirk was their leader. Kirk had ordered to kill people who had opposed the existence of Humanoids. Police pods were drifting around to identify and kill the haters. Rod was standing on the corner of a street two blocks away from his home. He tried to sneak into nearby home and he jumped over the open window. He hurt his temple while he passed through the grille of the sash window. It was itching. He had come into the bedroom of his home. He was searching for something and then he heard someone knock his front door. He went past the living room and opened the door. A H-bot was standing and asked Rod to produce his papers. Teddy went and fetched the papers for Rod. The H-bot was fascinated with Teddy's docile behavior and demanded to keep it for himself. Rod resisted and got into an argument with the H-bot. The H-bot became furious, shot dead Teddy and ran away. Rod was giving a chase but soon he realized that he was not wearing any shoes or slippers. He remembered he was wearing a shoe when he started running and then when he checked again he was wearing the same shoes. Suddenly he is met with Dr. Richard Wilson, he is selling apples in a street side cart shop. Rod moved near his cart and talks to him. Dr. Richard tells him that he has invented a device that can destroy the H-bots but not to talk in public. They go to a tall building and through an elevator travel to the fifty second floor. After reaching the fifty second floor, when Rod was coming out of the elevator his shirt got stuck in the doors and he struggled to come out of it. When he finally did, he realized that he was shirtless now. He was completely bare from the waist up. Dr. Richard was striding fast without looking back. All of a suddenly there was a loud emergency alarm in the building. Rod was looking around for a new shirt and the boisterous alarm grew louder and louder until...

...Rod woke up to his morning alarm.

Anima chimed. User Status: Awake. Teddy sprang up and played Rod's favorite Sunday song.


Sunday morning, up with the lark

I think I'll take a walk in the park

Hey hey hey, it's a beautiful day...


Rod lifted himself from the bed and sat. The zestful Danniel Boone's song from the twentieth century continued...


...Hi hi hi, beautiful Sunday

This is my my my beautiful day...


Year: 2100

28th Sunday March, 6:00 a.m.

[To be continued]

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