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Novella #2: 2100


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Previously on 2100: After surfing through the Elysian Tab for a while, Rod fell asleep.

Year: 2100

28th Sunday March, 6:07 a.m.

Alright, I don't seem to remember my dream. Let me check the tab now. Rod was beginning to think clearly as he was sipping his bed coffee from his left hand, delivered from the PantryShell* right next to the bed. He was still sitting in the bed. He removed the SynTape as it was causing some irritation to his skin. He then took the Elysian Tab with his right hand and placed it on his lap.

Anima livened up. "Good Morning Rod! Your Dream Summary Report is ready for your view. I will first play your dream as it happened. You can control the video through navigation sensor options"

Rod was recollecting his dream as he watched the video play out. The reproduced graphical video by the Elysian Tab was tantamount to his actual dream. Initially, when Rod woke up, he could only remember that he had met Dr. Richard in his dream and didn't knew nothing thereafter. And this was the third time that he had seen Dr. Richard in his dreams. As he was watching the video, he was able to recollect and recognize all the subtle events and occurrences of his dream; police pods, Kirk the H-bots leader, people getting killed, bedroom window of neighbor home, verification by H-bot, Teddy shot dead, an apple cart run by Dr. Richard, losing his shoes, t-shirt stuck in elevator, etc. Rod became tense and sad as the video progressed. Once the video was over, he was confused and had so many questions.

Anima continued, "Now, moving on to the summary of your sleep. You had a perfect sleep with three cycles of Non-REM and REM, going through all the four stages of Non-REM sleep after which you advanced to the REM sleep wherein you experienced the dream in psychotic state. Your Non-REM sleep time totaled 6 hours 14 minutes while your REM amounted to 1 hour 45 minutes. Your sleep condition seems to be in a healthy..."

Rod skipped the summary and pressed dream interpretation option in the screen.

Anima proceeded to announce the interpretation,

"Interpretation of Dream #01,

Date: 27th Saturday Night, March.

The incident of the police pods navigating the streets in your dream were a prelude to your actual dream and was registered in the stage 2 of first cycle of Non-REM. The incidents of the H-bots scanning the streets, killing people, and Kirk, supposedly the leader of H-bots in your dream world occurred in your first cycle of REM.

Meaning! You seem to have an apprehension towards the H-bots and the renowned H-Bot member of Board of Directors of Horado Technologies, Kirk. You believe that someday humanity will face severe consequences for subsuming the H-bots into it's community. This belief was the reflection in your dream where H-bots were sent by Kirk to kill people who opposed them. Interestingly, the police pods which you saw in your dream do not exist in the real world and must be something that you knew about already or a presage from your inner self.

Moving on to the scene where you jumped across the window of a neighboring home which was two blocks away from your home, you had hurt your temple. This was due to an external stimuli: you faced skin irritation where the SynTape was stuck and this was the reason behind your temple getting injured when you jumped in the dream.

You dream world then morphed the place where you jumped into, to your bedroom. Possibly, you were influencing the dream to reach your home sooner. You then seemed to search for something in your bedroom which is yet to be known and noted in Watchout Track* list wherein I will continue to observe this element in future dreams.

You were then interrupted by a calling bell at your door and soon realized that the H-bot had come to verify your papers. Teddy, your Home assistant was projected as a docile dog in your dream and was subservient to fetch your papers to the H-Bot. Things took a nasty turn when the H-bot wanted Teddy and ended up killing it.

Meaning! You seem to be grieving over a dog which you had probably lost in the near past and perceived the Home assistant Teddy in the dream as a digital version of your real dog you had in the past. This was evident when Teddy was shot dead by the H-bot in your dream and you were enraged..."

"Pause!" said Rod in a dolorous tone. He remembered his dog, Teddy. It was a golden retriever that he received as a gift from one of his dad's friends. Teddy shared his lifetime of 11 years with Rod, creating beautiful and tranquil memories for him. Two months before, Teddy passed away due to a complicated illness.

Rod may have moved on in his awake-life. But Anima was right, he was grieving his dog's death inside, in his sleep-life.

[To be continued]


PantryShell - An electronic wireless controlled mini pantry shelf that can be plugged into a wall and integrated to the Home Assistant. It provides all kinds of refreshments and drinks, capable of functioning automatically based on pre-configurations.

Watchout Track - An Elysian Tab feature in the interpretation of user dreams. It records a list of elements from the user's dreams that are yet to be related, deciphered or decoded, and will be checked for recurrence in the future dreams.

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