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Novella #2: 2100

Updated: Jan 22, 2021


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Previously on 2100: Rod had booked an appointment to meet with Dr. Richard and was at his office.

Year: 2100

7th Tuesday July, 07:01 p.m.

"Incredible! Even I wanted to meet you because I've been seeing you in my dreams regularly Doctor", responded Rod to the Doctor's astonishing remark.

Dr. Richard was still flummoxed at having seen Rod for the first time in his waking life. He had never known Rod personally before but he had been present in his dreams most of the times. In his dreams, he seemed to guide this obscure stranger to a secretive location but on the way he used to lose track of him. The dream contents differed but the disappearance of Rod while trying to take him to the secretive location seem to be persistent in all his dreams. .

"Interesting. Please sit down. You must be Rod?"

"Yes, I am Rod. I work at Horado, EE division as a supervisor. It's an honor to have met you Dr. Richard. I'm one of the million consumers who is using the 22nd Century's wonder, your Elysian Tab. It sure is a dream machine!"

"Thank you! It sure was my dream invention. Thanks to Horado it has become a reality now and is revolutionizing the society...", said Dr. Richard. His tone suddenly lowered and his gaze went down, "...In both the good way and the bad way I suppose"

"I get your point. Personally, I have never admired the H-bots but it's sad that they have to go through such a dogmatism."

"Yes, it's totally unfair what's happening to the H-bots. Especially, Thomas Kirk, the brilliant and maverick H-bots of all. He was the one who had provided his inestimable support in making the Elysian Tab project come true", said the Doctor in dolorous tone.

Rod was now inquisitive to get back to the task at hand. "It's a pity. But say Doctor, you said that you saw me in your dreams when I entered the room. I'm sure you have never met me before. How could it be so? To dream of someone whom you have never met or even known in real life."

"Ahh yes! I completely forgot. You see, as per dream psychology, our life is categorized into two: the dream life and then the waking life, the one which we call reality. Just like how we live in a real world, the dream life too has a dream world. Now, the interesting part is that, this dream world is completely constructed out of materials within our mind, mostly the subconscious and the unconscious part of it."

"Really fascinating! I've heard of subconscious mind but what is this unconscious mind?" inquired Rod.

"As you may know, the subconscious is more of a secondary mind which the conscious mind is not in control of and one which you are almost completely unaware of in the waking life. The unconscious mind is the deeper mind within, more of a store memory, where our suppressed and repressed thoughts, feelings, emotions and all our childhood forgotten memories dwells. It's one of the crucial contributor to the construction of the dream world in our dream lives. Along with it, there are dream stimuli and triggers from our diurnal lives that contribute to the contents of our dreams.So, when we dream of someone whom we had never met in our waking lives, we think that we have never met them but actually we may have come across them in our childhood or while we went for a morning walk. And I was thinking the same the first time you appeared in my dreams. But then you were present always in the recurring dreams. And my Anima had confirmed that I have never come across you in my waking life. Suddenly, when I saw you today, I was completely astonished. And you in turn said that even you are seeing me in your dreams. That's absolutely unbelievable! There must be a link."

"Indeed incredible Doctor. Well, if you don't mind Doctor, before I say about my dreams, may I please know what do I do in your dreams?" asked Rod curiously.

[To be continued]

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