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Novella #2: 2100


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Previously on 2100: Rod met with Dr. Richards and was discussing about his dreams.

Year: 2100

7th Tuesday July, 07:07 p.m.

The Doctor started narrating his dreams. "Well, it was during the alpha testing timeline of Elysian Tab initially. I was using one of the prototypes and you appeared in one of those dreams. I think I still have those dreams stored in my systems. Let me check."

The Doctor took his SmartPanel in front of his desk and operated it. In a few seconds there was a laser projection onto thin air space just next to the table. The projection was an air display which played out the dream videos from Dr. Richard's SmartPanel that he had intended to.

The video portrayed Dr. Richard working studiously on what seemed to be his next great invention. He was at his laboratory, the fifty second floor of his private building. Suddenly, there was a loud uproar from outside. He walked over to the window and found that there was a protest going on down in the streets. He came out of the building to check out what's happening. He found that people were protesting to abolish and banish the H-bots. This was shocking to learn for the Doctor. And when he decided to enter the building to get back to his lab, he was confronted by Rod.

"There, right there you are", Dr. Richards pointed out Rod in the video after he paused.

"Astonishing! My demeanor is pitch perfect. How could that be?" exclaimed Rod as he watched himself in Dr. Richard's dream.

"Well, Dreams... as we try to remember and recollect them, we may succeed in remembering only the faces. But with the help of Anima, as you have seen and experienced, the exact reproduction is possible to considerable degree."

"Yes, indeed"

"So, this is when, for the first time you appeared in my dreams. Quite interestingly, after using the Elysian Tab," remarked the Doctor as he resumed the video.

In the dream, Rod communicated to Dr. Richards that H-bots need to be exterminated and he wanted the Doctor's support for carrying out that task. Dr. Richard was angered in hearing this and refused to obey his further commands. Suddenly, Rod pulled out a gun from his pocket and threatened the Doctor. Now, the Doctor obeyed unwillingly to Rod's instructions and they were en route to his lab in the fifty second floor. Once they entered the building, out of nowhere, it started raining and the building was flooded. The Doctor was seen drowning just when Rod disappeared in the floods. It was the end of dream.

"And that's that. The first encounter between us in the dream world and the only encounter which was hostile in nature", said Dr. Richards.

"But why would I threaten you and ask you to wipe out the H-bots? Why would connive with you for such a hideous plan?"

"That is a question still unanswered!"

"And Doctor, the people were protesting to ban H-bots. You said this dream was before the release of Elysian Tab. Does that mean you knew what was gonna happen? Did you really know this particular implications of Elysian Tab?"

"Not exactly. Supposedly, dreams are capable of foretelling events that is to occur in the future. I never believed in this ideology really. But I am beginning to believe this after certain events that has recently occurred."

[To be continued]

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