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Novella #2: 2100

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


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Previously on 2100: Rod was looking at the interpretation of the dream that he had experienced in the previous night in Elysian Tab.

Year: 2100

28th Sunday March, 6:12 a.m.

Rod resumed the DSR. Anima continued,

"You then started chasing the H-bot which killed Teddy but realized that you were not wearing shoes. This was again due to an external stimuli: your bedsheet had crossed over leaving your feet bare and not covered. And this was projected in your dream as you not wearing shoes.

At this moment you had an epiphany and experienced lucid dream for a brief moment which influenced your dream world and caused the shoes you intended to reappear again.

Then you saw Dr. Richard selling apples in a cart across the street. I deduce that you have a predilection to the fruit apple."

Anima was right. Rod loved apples. It was the first thing he ate immediately after he brushed.

"You approached Dr. Richard and had a conversation with him where he revealed that he has invented a device to destroy the H-bots and wanted to show it you. You then followed him to a building, into an elevator to the fifty second floor. When you reached the floor and got out, your shirt seemed to be stuck in the elevator door. You did finally come out of the elevator but only shirtless. Another external stimuli here: you had rolled your bedsheet out of the bed and you were exposed to chill air conditioning atmosphere in the bedroom and apparently this made you shirtless in the dream.

Coming to the dramatic ending of the dream, you lost Dr. Richard while you were looking for a shirt somewhere around. And your morning alarm from Teddy was transformed into a loud emergency alarm in the building due to which you woke up."

Rod was flummoxed. Phew! That was one hell of an interpretation. This Elysian tab is worth every penny. Rod navigated to the Watchout Track list. It displayed,


He clicked the only entry in the list. The entry enlarged into a new window and showed,

Location: Home, Bedroom.

Time: Evening.

Event: Searching for something, possibly, an item which is unknown.

First Occurrence: 27th Saturday Night 2020.

Recurrences: None.

Marked for future observance.

Rod let out a deep breath and relaxed himself. He then kept aside the Elysian Tab and got out of the bed to kick start his day. Elysian Tab was becoming a sensation in the society. Many countries showed interested in them and made deals with Horado Technologies to setup manufacturing plants. Over three months seven and a half billion devices were sold out; only four billion short of the world population. This was a ground breaking achievement in the history of Horado technologies. The idiosyncratic H-bot Kirk was right. It was as if, Kirk knew what was exactly going to happen once the device was released. On Kirk's advice, Horado had increased the manufacturing of devices previously just before the Elysian Tab got released. And this helped them in shipping out such a copious supply of devices.

Kirk was in his private room at Horado technologies headquarters, charging his android body through wireless ChargePad seater* placed in front of his desk. An ordinary H-bot was always online, always connected to the boundless online data around the world. Kirk was an extra-ordinary H-bot. He was indeed the Super-Human. All the Board of Directors members had complete trust on Kirk; that Kirk was decorous, erudite, and scrupulous. But none of them knew about his nefarious plans that he was conniving to unleash against the formidable humanity.

A clever king attack his enemy only after he studies him thoroughly.

Kirk was doing the same. He was furtively connected to each and every single Elysian Tab device that had been released; in a way he was connected to almost all the humans in the planet. He studied them, scanned them, and scrutinized them every passing second for the last three months.

[To be continued]


ChargePad Seater* - A wirelessly operated electronic seater which the H-bots use to charge themselves.

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